Ironman Training Update & Random Thoughts — I just Swam/Biked/Ran in and boy are my _______’s tired!

Whew. I just Swam/Biked/Ran in and boy are my _______’s tired!

Yesterday (Wednesday the 17th) was the day, for me… I hit Rock Bottom in my fatigue. It finally made my body feel like mush today. I am so tired, I am struggling to stay awake to type this… As of Friday afternoon (Time of completion of this story) and counting from Saturday until now, I have about 140 miles on the bike, 14 miles run & 4 miles swam with work and a couple of nights out on the town & of course my Jaco’s Boxing/Cardio 75 minute class on thursday night. Can’t get by without hitting the bags once a week! Back to the story…

I swam 1 mile at lunch (approx 1pm) in the Gulf of Mexico which was quite choppy and warm. All in all, a rough little swim, but I got it done and other then a little bit of sketchy balance due to rolling waves, I was feeling good. So good in fact, that I couldn’t wait to meet the group later that evening (5:30pm) for our scheduled 2 hour bike ride with (4) 10-minute Big Gear stand up intervals mixed in! Get Some!

We warmed up with a nice group ride for about 10 minutes and then I just went for it. Stood up, cranking past everyone, although I could see my boy, “Taxi Sono Qui” AKA – T-Welch staying in hindsight and keeping me readily available to reel me in.

Taxi Sono Qui! Taxi Sono Qui!

Well, my adrenaline kicked in and for the first 4 minutes I was cruising, standing tall and grinding out a steady pace… then reality set in and big gear standing makes 10 minutes seem more like 15-20 when you don’t pace yourself correctly. Anyhow, I pulled back a little bit to get my quads to quit whining and my right arm/hand to stop cramping from squeezing the life out of the handlebar and finally found my happy place and cranked it!!

One 10 minute interval done, it was now, our 1st recovery period. I took 4 minutes and 30 seconds before standing for another 10 minutes and going all out. I figured the black clouds hovering nearby, adding wind gusts and basically blocking out the sun (and heat) would drench us eventually and I wanted to get in as much riding as possible! I was feeling really good and keeping an aggressive pace.

I made it through the second 10 minute interval and I was feeling a little tired, but still strong. Another 7 to 8 minute recovery and it was time to stand again. This time, I broke off at the end and went back to my truck as I wanted to refill my water bottle and put my music on, since at this point I was riding solo. 5 minutes later, I hopped back on to the main road (Honore) and using my maniacal ego skills I was gifted with, I rode at a less aggressive but measured pace, thinking I was still ahead of everyone. Silly boy.

I was feeling so good in fact, that at one point in the deserted flats of the Honore extension, I at first yelled, “Feeling Good” and then let out a more primal, “GET SOME! YEAH!” I have no idea where it came from, but it was awesome and I’m sure the copious amounts of steroids had nothing to do with it. Anyways, talk about a good segue to reality…

As I neared the turnaround on Honore, I see the Lance Armstrong of our group on the bike heading in the other direction. Mr. Tony Welch!! Curses! I figure if Tony is flying solo, then the peloton (pack) of the group must be behind him, but close. I immediately picked it up a notch, reaching 32 mph and holding 27 mph until the turnaround, which then unleashed those headwinds upon me. (The good news is, everyone was dealing with the wind, so if I just held a nice cadence, then I could eventually catch the group)

I decided then and there to add 2 more total 10 minute standing intervals so as to catch the group. This was all happening around the 1 hour mark of the scheduled 2 hour ride. This is how I felt about adding two more intervals… (Similar to the :38 second portion and beyond)

Steady as she goes was my mantra and Lil Wayne on the headphones was the motivation. WEEZY! Eventually, at about 1:40 minutes, I caught the group and made the pass. I was able to jump to the front again, except of course for Mr. Tony Welch who had bested me, yet again! Great Day of work from everyone. David Begala stayed out for another 20 miles to accommodate his busy schedule and the rest of us rested up for the running miles that awaited us Thursday morning.

Until next time, “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only, of standing still.” -Chinese Proverbs


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