Simple Pleasures – How easily we lose sight

Simple Pleasures – How easily we lose sight

This weekend, for me, was an important time to focus on some important questions about my future and certain things that will shape it, both in the immediate and foreseeable distance. This blog is a bit of an extension of my previous one, just with a greater outward focus.

Funny the way it is

In doing this research or reflection, I couldn’t help but start noticing all these daily intricacies popping up. Like the depth of joy in laying in the cool grass behind a barn on a farm under a shady tree in the middle of the day with the sun doing its best to weave its rays through the trees branches and touch our faces!

Dortmunder Gold Goodness!

The vivid flavors of delicious fresh watermelons seemingly right from the vine, opened up and sliced to order and Ripe Bing cherries as big as golf balls. The juices escaping our mouths and running down our chin. Sweet, sticky wholesome joy. The freshly poured crafted beer into an icy glass with a healthy froth and a distinctive amber flavor and hue. Just delicious!

Tuna & Watermelon & Hot Plantains

Watching another person go with the flow of things and whatever may come our way and enjoy every aspect of it, whether good, bad or just plain awesome. The whisp of carefree energy was contagious and soon we were both infected with it. From her walking in high heels on brick paths to going barefoot on those same sidewalks or both of us wading into a river or trying different foods with eagerness and excitement. Good stuff.

It was difficult, although raw and full of sincere substance in its own right, to watch someone react to difficulties with an equal amount of earnest concern as they dealt with the carefree situations earlier. Wanting to reach out and support them when both of you know that its something that they can and will handle themselves in that moment, was hardest part of that experience. I couldn’t help but stare as the strength and fragility of this person ebbed and flowed in a consistent dance of emotions and while she looked defeated in some moments, she ultimately conquered the situation and a dignified satisfaction returned.

Stormy Weather!!

Finally, among the many favorite moments that are stored away in my mind and are for me and me only, I am drawn to share this one instance. For me it was how a piece of information weighs on the mind and heart and affects demeanor and attitude. There was a sudden change at one point, similar to a florida tropical storm rolling through. The skies turned black, the winds howled and hardly a word was spoken. To say it was tense, is an understatement of sorts. After some coy bargaining and tussling and a battle of wills and stubborness, the dam broke! To have a front row seat in watching the frustration dissipate, the comfort level return and grow stronger and to be a helpful force in achieving that was fulfilling.

Now, I’m not sure how many questions about the future actually got answered, but some blanks are starting to get filled in, and that will have to suffice for now.

Good Karma - pic by Sean Dreznin

In signing off, I bid you good karma and reminder to take note of the simple pleasures and experiences life gives us every single day.


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