Ironman Florida Initial Meeting and Overview

Well last night was my equivalent of the ‘Deer in headlights’ scene.

Deer in Headlights

As our intimate group of approximately 10 people huddled around a couple of glass tables at a country club. Some of us were focused on the words coming out of our EtriCoaches mouth’s and others were in a constant dialogue with the coaches going over details, questions, concerns, etc.

The lengthy overview was a overload to my number crunching senses and by the end, I was somewhat mentally drained from contemplating the sheer distances we are covering. The key I later realized is not too let the numbers overwhelm, but instead to meet each day with vigor and goal achieving confidence. Can 200+ miles of biking and some swimming & running take the wind out of your sails before the ship has left the proverbial harbor. Sure. But doesn’t 60 miles and a 5 mile run sound easier. Alright, don’t answer that.

Seriously though, the amount of respect I had for Ironman & the training required was a good bit. It has now increased twofold. I imagine by the time 5 months have come and gone and I’m neck deep in gulf of mexico waters, the level of respect and confidence I have will be off the charts.

Until then, I sit here shaking in anticipation of my workout today!!!

Here are a couple of motivational videos in case you need them – Similar to; Break Glass in Emergency!

“Without Struggle, there is no progress” ~ Frederick Douglass


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