In the blink of an eye…

In the blink of an eye, it happened. Striking, Polarizing, Cataclysmic, Icy, Waves of warmth, togetherness. So many emotions, tragedies, joyous moments, love, chaos, darkness, light.

We all are involved in various elements of time constraints. Whether it is work, family, hobbies, health, or despair, there are billions of excruciating and exquisite moments within moments that happen every second of every minute of each hour of everyday and so on.

I wanted to touch on these brief instances or the moments I have stolen away in my life recently. In essence, my moments to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

These thoughts are coming out in random ordering and really just writing as they bubble to the surface.

* I recall recently driving down a major street in my hometown (US 41) and seeing a car from the left lane decide to cut over to the next lane and being located directly behind the vehicle as it tried to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. itself into the middle lane, everything slowed down and I remember recoiling my face in anticipation of twisted metal and an explosion of painted plastics. This moment seemed to last 30 seconds when I am now sure it was 3 seconds, but a horn sounded and returned all of our senses to normal and the original car returned to its lane, offering the humbled sorry wave.

* “At this years St. Anthony’s race, I partially witnessed a harrowing moment and subsequently felt helpless in ability to do anything. As I was returning, approximately mile 16-17, I heard a thumping sound on my left and quickly glanced over my shoulder to see a rider strike an orange cone and with feet clipped in, vault over the handlebars and meet the road with their face and literally slide on the asphalt. The shear shock of seeing this was surreal and the 2 second moment seemed to take place like a movie scene, in my eyes over 2 minutes, but myself and the 3 riders “not drafting” right behind me all started shouting, ‘MEDICAL!’ to the officer at the corner immediately in front of us. The worst part of that moment is relaying it to my friends after the race and them informing me that Hannah, a friend of ours and Storm team member was involved in an eerily similar crash, and in fact it turned out that it had been her. My heart sank in my chest.” UPDATE – Saw Hannah a couple weeks ago and she looks as amazing as ever and her and her husband Marco are in great spirits!

* I find myself falling pretty hard for a woman who recently entered my life, and in fact, is probably the reason I decided to write this blog post in the first place. I’m like a broken faucet, with giddiness just pouring out instead of cool, crisp water. Most moments I keep for myself in my memory, but I am sharing one with you. A moment that lasts longer then it is in reality. The moment after a kiss where nothing else but us exist. Immediately thereafter our faces are hovering in the gravitational pull of our own orbits, the look on her face makes me feel like she and I are the only people left on the planet. If I could capture this moment with my hands, I would never let it go. Its the crystal blue eyes and the way her lips return to their original starting spot, slowly, sensually and purposely. Its the little soft hairs on her neck that stand still as if they are expecting my hand to return to them and the way she arches her neck just slightly. Its the sincere feeling that as much as you want to be here in this moment, she does too, and her expression and the moment, scream this, in beautiful silence.

* Alright, I’m not trying to write a romance novel, so back to some more moments I have captured with my Digital Dreznin Camera Optics. I have been fortunate while biking that I can usually pick up whats about to happen before it happens, such as people crossing the street, or a car stopping suddenly. The moment I remember vividly goes a little something like this… Coming out of Siesta Key Village and the No Wake Zone and banking a sharp left turn onto Beach Road allows for the opportunity to crush the pedals for the last quarter mile of the ride. Occasionally, I catch a vehicle or three and pass them while hammering the speed and cadence in the bike lane. The downside of going around 30 mph is when the senior citizen minding their own business decides they are going to make a right turn into one of the Beach Access spots and provides no blinker or notice, just makes the turn. I am not blaming them for lack of a blinker so to speak, but because I bike so much, I make the effort to check my mirror before i do this. Anyhow, in this particular instance, I was around 30 mph holding steady with the front of the silver colored vehicle on my left. The green car in front of them taps their brakes as we all near a beach access entrance, and I can see the future. Me going through a passenger side window. So like the matrix, I gun it full boar and accelerate just past the front of the silver car which slows a bit because of the sudden green car braking and I glide oh so close between two bumper as the green car makes its unsteady right hand turn. The Moral. I am still going to crush that straight away everytime I can.

Pic by Sarasota Daily Photo

* Yesterday while running in a celery field with Nic Chapman on about the 3rd mile of our voluntary torture, the actual beauty of nature decided to fill my brain now that most of my oxygen was gone. There are so many cool plants, flowers, colors and terrains out here. As we run down a rocky trail and stumble through soft sugar sand onto a mowed grassy path which becomes a grassy path that needs to be mowed, the rain clouds above taunt us with the relief of a cool shower that never comes. Ultimately, Nicole keeps running, which makes me keep running and eventually our pounding feet find concrete and the moment fades to black.

* I was recently at a house warming function, and there were two moments I recall that make me smile, even now. The first was standing to the side, watching the large group of people gathered within a single room in a house, divided but adhering to each other through a stolen glance, a quick connecting touch, or laughter that escaped one conversation and travelled to the next group and warmed their expressions. I really enjoyed this moment, mostly because there was so much laughter, both subtle and polite & deep and sincere. A good laugh is a compliment to friends that speaks volumes while actually saying nothing.

The second portion of the evening which resonates in my mind was a quick private conversation with a friend in a nook of the house away from most guests who had meandered to the living room area, this conversation took place elsewhere. It is difficult to consistently be sincere, and while I listened intently I cant say for certain I could recite verbatim our communication, but I remember a moment of simple information being divulged, nothing tawdry or secretive, just simple data, but the angst on her face, the sagging of normally strong shoulders and the turning of her mouth from north to just south of parallel said enough. That was a sobering moment… for me, because I knew my friend was telling me something that truly affected her. I wont forget that.

Homey don't play that. Pic by Soco Sports

* Alright, here is my ego moment. I really wish I could remember all of the moment in even greater detail, like viewing replay’s on tv these days, say of Tiger Woods golf swing or Mythbusters watching a bullet strike something in super slow motion, but alas, I remember one part of the moment intensely. In our beach volleyball we were on the verge of being upset by the underdog, and losing at that point, I was positioned at the net waiting for a tip, as we play for fun, so there weren’t many spikes or blocks. I saw a nice set coming from the other team and their tallest player moved up to put a mean spike down. Timing my jump perfectly, I was able to put myself in prime position for the block. When it happened, it struck like lightning and the ball hit my hands and ricocheted back to the sweet Siesta Key quartz sands in a flash. The other team, let out a chorus of “oooooohhhhs” & “aaaaaahhhs”. We had won the point and I was fired up. I remember my reaction to the ball hitting the ground and the moment afterwards when without thinking I was making a growling face and slapping fives with my teammates. It was a great moment and I’ll have to savor it, as we were eventually defeated and finished 2nd. A fun league which I highly recommend if you like making new, cool friends and meeting exotic people!

Airport Goodbye by

* The other day at the airport, I could have literally stood in the same spot for hours and never moved an inch. I had just completed the stereotypical airport scene as my crush left and I was left grasping at the withering shards and whispers of a freshly stoked ember. As I watched the airport monorail slip farther away until it reached the other terminal, I could feel the air in my lungs leaving and the airport which once felt open and inviting now felt glazed over and isolated. I didn’t want to be there anymore and slowly lifted one foot in front of the other, plodding my way to the elevator, as if a bomb had gone off just over my shoulder and I was dazed and confused, babbling incoherently about something undecipherable to anyone within earshot. That is moment I won’t want to duplicate too many times. I will have to create a different airport dynamic. Moving on.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge by Mark Van Doren

* Finally, the other day as I had driven over the Skyway Bridge returning to Sarasota, I finally had someone pull in behind me at the tollbooth as I had been prepared to perpetrate this plan of action previously, but to no avail, as no willing participants emerged! I gave the older grizzled toll worker $2 dollars and Finally got to Give some good Karma!! That is a fun moment, more for making sure they do not catch up. I like to disappear into traffic as quickly as possible and hope they decide to pay it forward.

That’s all I can muster up for now, but if you have a moment you would like to share, please do!


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