Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses and Tifosi Slip Sunglasses Review – 2014 Update



My Oakley Half Jacket Polarized Sunglasses have been through thick and thin at this point, but they have become destined to always be my training glasses and not my race sunglasses. The weight, loose fit and deterioration of the polarized lenses is a little too much to bare when another option exists. Don’t get me wrong, cause I see you already thinking I’m out to get Oakley and the fact is, I love my Oakley’s. I love them, like a Fat Kid loves Cake. I wear them for most activities except racing… and here’s why.

Oakley Half Jacket

Oakley Half Jacket

My Tifosi’s have replaced my Oakley’s as the race day glasses as they fit more snug without constriction, are very lightweight and ultimately have the High Speed Red Fototec lenses which darken in bright light and lighten up in darker environments.

Tifosi Slip Fototec

Tifosi Slip Fototec

The Tifosi’s also cost me $60 whereas the Oakley’s run about $100, but add in polarized lenses and expect more of a $125-$140 Price tag.

I have experienced one problem with each sunglass. The Tifosi lens cracked right in the middle, but I sent it to Tifosi Customer Care and they sent me a brand new lens. I paid for the postage to send it, but it was well worth it! As for Oakley, I have put an email out to customer service as my Polarized lenses are pretty tore up due to using them all the time, but alas, for $140, I would think these lenses should come with either a warranty against wearing and/or some loyalty program where if I purchase another set of lenses, possibly a bit of a discount to stay with Oakley.

So, all in all, for the money, production and customer service I experienced, I recommend Tifosi as a strong company and reliable sunglass. Oakley is golden for the production, so-so for the money and I am awaiting a response from my request to Customer Service, but in all confidence, I will be surprised by anything other then a, “Sorry Bud, you need to purchase new lenses!”. We’ll see.

Tifosi = C

Oakley = A

* 2014 Update — As time wore on and my Tifosi lenses cracked not once more, not twice more, but three times (each time sending glasses away for new lenses and paying the $10-15 postage) I tired the fourth time the lenses snapped. I still have those fractured Tifosi’s laying around.

As for my Oakley’s… I broke down, bought new lenses and still have and wear those on a daily basis. I also acquired a pair of half jackets and use those for all my workouts.

So for now, for me… I choose Oakley.


5 responses to “Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses and Tifosi Slip Sunglasses Review – 2014 Update

  1. My Tifosi lens had another stress fracture which broke part of the lens off in the frame. I sent both the broken lens and frame to Tifosi, and they replaced them both. Customer. For. Life.

    Oakley responded to my request of replacing broken or worn down products with a “sorry, you’ll have to buy new ones.” And I will, only they will be a different brand.

  2. I’m looking at another pair of Tifosi’s or a Rudy Project pair of glasses.

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  4. Hi Sean, have you checked out any new Tifosi models lately? I’m looking at possibly getting either the Tifosi Veloce or Jet and wondered if you have checked them out? Also I see in your Slip pic that it’s a carbon frame. Do you recommend the frame choice?

  5. Michael,

    I have reverted back to my oakley full jackets and half jackets as they have held up over the long term. The tifosi’s frame kept snapping and no matter how many times I sent them $10 bucks for shipping and they sent me a new frame, it kept snapping. I finally stopped sending it back in. I woud recommend the Oakley’s.

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