Should you look like a Platypus while swimming? Or a Seal…or driftwood?

Should you look like a Platypus while swimming? Or a Seal…or driftwood?

platypus...its whats for dinner.

I have been logging a solid amount of meters and or yards at the local heated watering hole. Unbeknownst to myself, I am similar to Michael Phelps in that he won 8 gold medals at the China Olympics and I do at least 8 things wrong in my swimming stroke.

In all the swimming I have been doing, apparently I have been working 2 to 3 times harder then more efficient swimmers thereby sapping energy and building the dreaded lactic acid making for heavier legs, labored breathing and higher heart rate. All good things to get healthy, but bad things if you don’t want to be the last swimmer in the pool.

So in the first and most recent swim clinic I attended put on by Steve and Agnese at Serendipity Tennis & Country Club, I got to hear my name called a lot, which is nice, because I do enjoy attention. But not Charlie Sheen kind of attention, where everyone is paying attention but snickering under their latex swim caps and TYR goggles.

After struggling to swim differently which is similar to being told your not right handed but instead, left handed and must now do everything with the other hand. Yeah, I swam that well. I have been focusing mainly on gliding more and breaking my glide off at the elbow of each arm into a forceful pull through the water. I also utilize the 3 stroke on each side technique with a breath on each side which helps with direction in Open Water Swimming, and gives you options should the current or waves impede a certain breathing side. Finally for now, I have been working on soft hand water entry instead of smashing the water like a Mike Tyson haymaker previously. P.S. – I would like to apologize to the water for my past over exuberance.

I joined in an open water swim this weekend and although I was slower then some of the more accomplished swimmers in our group, I thought I held my own, sans a couple of mouthfuls of delicious Gulf of Mexico H2o.

After repeated visits to the pool only swimming between 1,000 to 1,500 meters and mostly working on form, I feel more like a platypus then a seal, but less like driftwood which is a good thing.

I have another swim clinic scheduled for Wednesday evening, so we’ll have to wait and see if this platypus can channel his inner Phelps in time.


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