Warrior dash pictures, results and brief write-up.

warrior_dash pic via "All over Albany"

High Stepping through the Backwoods & Swamplands!

Warrior Dash 2011 - Sarasota Krew!

Mud Bath by Holly Urfer

Warrior Dash Pictures & Results – Click on this link – http://www.warriordash.com/register2011_florida.php#

Monkey Business @ Warrior Dash Florida 2011 - pic property of Nicole Chapman taken by Carson

What a fun race! We had some navigation issues on the way there and we arrived with less then 10 minutes to spare (approx 12:51) before our 1pm wave was sent off to get a little muddy! We had to check-in, get our bibs and race day packets, but after a nice parking lot sprint to the gate and some handywork with the safety pins, we lined up and the Warrior Gods Beckoned!! The race was on!

Warrior Dash - Nicole Squared!

Its slow going in the beginning as an absolute throng of potential warriors make their way through a roped-in course… but soon enough the mudding begins! Does it ever! Numerous mud pits make any notions or advice you may have received about running on the outside or high stepping… irrelevant. Just tie your shoes tightly! You will prefer having them, versus the underworld pulling them down into the murky depths…

Wheres Waldo's...shoe by Holly Urfer

Mud Lines by Nicole Chapman!

Once sprinkled lightly with mud, you gallop over some bouncy hay bales and trail run for a while… then the fun begins again! Slaughtered vehicles you must vault followed by intertwined tires that you must high-step through and repeat!! A quick water break followed by more mudding!

The Warrior Dash Hillbilly Olympics - pic via Nicole Chapman

Up, Up and Away by Holly Urfer

Add in some climbing obstacles, over-under’s, cargo nets, fallen trees and a lake dousing and things get real!

Austin Urfer is King Warrior for the moment! by Holly Urfer

Feelin' Hot, Hot Hot by Nicole Carson!

For the final stretch its a quaint dual fire leap followed by the infamous mud pit and barbed wire persuasion bathers!

Hot Steppin' at the Warrior Dash 2011 (Florida) by Nicole Chapman

All in all, a good time with good people! Its kind of like a Phish concert with turkey legs and better costumes!

A well earned feast! by Holly Urfer

P.S. – Shoes are donated after the race!

You must Shoes your weapon - Shoes Carefully by Nic Carson!

Pictures are property of Nicole Chapman, Nicole Carson, Holly Urfer & “All over Albany”.


One response to “Warrior dash pictures, results and brief write-up.

  1. Check it out…we covered The Warrior Dash for an episode of our show.
    Everyone had a blast!
    Check it out by going to http://www.pennietour.com

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