Eating. Everything. In. Sight.

dinner 1

Eating. Everything. In. Sight.

I used to do this, even worse, I used to order some pretty bad stuff… Think Papa Johns (knew me on a first name basis), Chinese Buffet (the worst part of this was waiting in the car for the Sweet & Sour Chicken to cook and the shameful walk inside to pay for it), and Panera (most everything in there is not healthy. Some of it, not even close… check it!).

Ultimately, weight & the side effects of carrying so much extra weight started to collapse in on itself, sort of similar to the Minnesota Vikings Dome Stadium (seen here!). A change was needed, so one asset I used was, which I can log all the food i shove down my gullet and count the calories. This program contains most foods whether raw (a sweet potato) or processed (a Big Mac) and makes planning and eating a ritual that becomes easier.

Included in this blog are a couple pictures of recent meals. Last nights dinner & todays pre-lunch snack! Lunch was a Fruit (blueberrys & wasington apple slices) & nut (walnuts) spring mix salad from Publix and a serving of Almonds.


Snack 1


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