Swimming has impacted me. Lightly. (Updated Pictures)

1500 meters at Serendipity

1500 meters at Serendipity

Swimming has impacted me. Lightly.

Through our triathlon club, The Sarasota Storm and the camps I am constantly in, Etricoach, we have paid access to a local pool. Which is heated, has lanes and is wonderful to swim in!

Most folks go there and swim a distance or work on some dynamic of the swimming motion. Some folks wear paddles on their hands, others use kickboards and still others use leg floats to do arm work. I wear my Garmin 405 and time myself. Not so much per lap or per laps, but overall.

Last night I swam for a total of 45 minutes. I stop for a minute here or there, grab a drink of filtered water, grab my kickboards for a couple laps or 4 and just enjoy the moment!

1500 meters at Serendipity

Easily my favorite part of swimming, is the low impact nature of this exercise. Yes it helps to get out there and run and bike, but my knees, calves and shoulders sure love me a little more after a swim workout!

If you have any questions, by all means, ask away and visit etricoach or The Sarasota Storm to meet some other crazy people!

Serendipity Pool in Winter

The doggy paddle, the breaststroke, the pub crawl…errr… the crawl. Who can’t like swimming!


2 responses to “Swimming has impacted me. Lightly. (Updated Pictures)

  1. Sean, I have a love / hate relationship with swimming. Driving to the pool at 6:00 am in the winter in Cleveland SUCKS!! It is so hard to pull yourself out of bed on those mornings and jump into a cold pool. That being said, I love that feeling at the end of “I’m so glad I did this”. My favorite workout for IM was a 600 yard warmup and then two 2,000 yard sets with 1:00 in between. I could barely raise my arms in the shower to wash my hair when I was done!!

  2. John,
    Now thats a swim workout! 4,600 yards! or 13,800 feet or approx. 3 miles of chlorinated heaven!
    Keep up the great work!

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