Shooting Stones in a Glass Stadium.


lebron-james photo borrowed from "by Esther Steinfeld"

Shooting Stones in a Glass Stadium.

LeBron James decides to take another shot at the already belittled Cleveland Cavaliers who are fighting but more realistically slogging their way through a dismal season trying to avoid being the lowliest team in all of the NBA.

The other night, the Cavs were almost doubled up by the 2-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers 112 -57. In the waning moments of one of, if not, the most forgettable game of the season so far, LeBron James decided to take to Twitter and drop his petty tweet.

“Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!” … Ouch. This felt similar to the moment a fight starts and one fighter gets that jelly-legged punch to the gut, and when the rise back up from the shock, there is left cross and uppercut waiting. Boom! Pow! Whaaaam!

Fast forward 24 hours to LeBron injuring his ankle in a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers 111-105. AWESOME!

Now, LeBron has been trying to run from his tweet, ever since it made headlines. His excuses are straight out of Jim Caldwells book of rambling fallacies. Spare us LeBron. You tweeted a low down & dirty message and in hindsight you realize it wouldn’t be received well… Sounds familiar… How did you make this “Decision”?

Bottom line is your “friends” at your Management company, especially Maverick are just plain sloppy when it comes to Public Relations and although you are at your core a good person with strong roots in Akron, your guidance and “shoot from the hip” actions of recent have dinged your reputation and potential legacy deeply.

As a former fan of the Cavaliers and yourself, I freed myself from the burdens of perennial losing as you did, I just did it quietly and respectfully.

Go Magic & Celtics! and why not. Go Clippers!


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