Week 14 Recap – Fantasy Football – Playoffs & Angels and Demons



Week 14 RecapFantasy FootballPlayoffs & Angels and Demons

Correct & Incorrect Calls
If you started a combination of these guys you probably are still in contention for the league title!

Drew Brees
Philip Rivers
Arian Foster..

I realize they are must starts anyhow, but its ok to say “we appreciate you on our fantasy team!”…
Mojo Drew
Chris Johnson
Mike Vick
The Atlanta Falcons Offense
LeSean McCoy
Fred Jackson
Peyton Hillis…
etc, etc, etc….



If you started people on the next list, you may be reading this while squeezing a stress relief ball and mumbling curses under your breath.
Eli Manning – 8 pts. Oy Vey. They ran all day, didn’t need to pass much.
Brandon Lloyd – The interim coach bump just never materialized and Orton had his worst day this season.
Aaron Rodgers – I mean, hey… the dude headbutted the turf. No one saw that coming. Bummer.
Matt Forte – Didn’t that weather play right into Chicago’s hands? Wow. Fail.
Jaamal Charles – Down 21-0 at halftime. BrooooooooooDeeeeeeee!



Correct Calls
Sam Bradford – Laid an Egg.
Mark Sanchez – Has forgotten he plays on a strong Offense and chooses to give the ball away to make things more fair.
Carson Palmer – threw for 3 TD’s. 2 of them were to the Pittsburgh Defense, who returned INT’s for 6.
Adrian Peterson – 2 pts. Told ya.
Marshawn Lynch – He hate me. Nope. I hate him…as a fantasy football player. Ditto Carson Palmer.
Brandon Jackson – He is terrible and Green Bay has 5 sucky RB’s now. Starks, Kuhn, BJ, Nance & Quinn Johnson. Pick your poison.

Incorrect Calls
Matt Schaub – I don’t know what happened in this game. He went from getting creamed and WR’s dropping everything. Andre Johnson had 1 catch in the 3rd quarter and then BOOM! OT, as Schaub goes off. He finished as the top ff pt QB for week 14.
Donovan McNabb – Ill put him here, because he ended up getting 19 pts which is a solid day, but he did it by throwing a TD on an alledged 5th down.
Ahmad Bradshaw. Wow. Against such a strong run defense in Minnesota, I certainly didn’t see 100+ yards from the NYG. Let alone both RB’s having 100+ and scores. Nicely done.

Now onto my favorite playoff morsel. The Playoff Sleepers. Let’s see how it went in week 14!

Kevin Boss – 8 pts – $$ in the playoffs!
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers – basically I felt this entire team was going to do work, but once I saw how jacked up the Skins’ D was, I pulled back on this bit. Too late for some. LaGarrette Blount ran hard, fumbled and ended up with 4 pts. Mike Williams got 1 pt. Aurrileous Benn caught 122 yards and Freeman did well, but alas… I would vote this as a negative call on my part.
Steven Jackson – look, 96 yards rushing and 10+ yards receiving isn’t worth writing home about, but it counts as a correct sleeper call.
Marcedes Lewis – 11 pts – $$$
Ryan Fitzpatrick – 11 pts – For a TE = Great! for your QB = Sadness.
Javarris James – 10 pts = For a fill in, this was another $$$ call.
James Starks/Chris Ivory/Tashard Choice – I said pick one if you were desperate. Sorry about that. Ivory got hurt, Starks sucked & Choice disappeared.

Now for the matchup predictions…. Drum roll please.



History is most certainly on the side of Read Between the Tynes (RBTT) as they have dominated in the previous 2 matchups. Looking at both teams and their individual player matchups, it would seem that Cassel Fit for a King (CFFK) would have a slight advantage. Everything always looks good on paper. If the WR’s DO WORK for RBTT then its gonna be tough sledding for CFFK, although they will need big performances from their QB’s. They may just get it.
Tynes (RBTT) – 128 Cassel (CFFK) – 97. Ya Heard!
ACTUAL SCORE – Tynes (RBTT) – 128 Cassel (CFFK) – 66 BOOM! Nailed it! *Mr. Brady was benched in lieu of white-out in Chi-town and Alex smith delivered. You’ll probably never hear that sentence again… ever. Poor Paulie was tapped and had not a $1 to buy a starting QB. Jason Campbell or John Skelton would have sufficed, although in the end, the majority of the team fell a little short. Cassel (CFFK) fought admirably this season, facing inevitable defeat in Romo’s broken collarbone, he orchestrated a key timed trade of the Bi-Polar Peyton Manning and received two of the hottest QB’s over the past 6 weeks… Unfortunately, those QB’s have been running on fumes the last 2, and with Troy Smiths’ unlikely benching, it was a perfect storm of obstacles.

The other playoff game consists of;

Another situation of repeated abuse. The signs are all there. (M&R) flinches when (EV) raises her hand. M&R so stresses himself out and overwhelms himself trying to play the correct QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, etc…
One quick glance at the matchups screams disaster for…. M&R. Everyone in the league is concerned for M&R that a 3rd and severe beating may do irreverseable harm. Just make it quick EV.

EV – 133 M&R – 98. Boom-Shaka-Laka!
ACTUAL SCORE – EV – 112 M&R – 96 – Clairvoyant ova here! A last minute pickup of Team Tebows, DeSean Jackson almost won the day for M&R, but Wacco Flacco came to the rescue. In what turned out to be a bit of a nail biter of a matchup. Who would have ever thought that starting Felix Jones (14 pts ) in place of Adrian Peterson (2 pts) would have been the better play. M&R was a bit of a mirage this season, as you would think that Thunder & Lightning or Salt n’ Pepa or Shake and Bake aka… Philip & Peyton would have snubbed out competitors at every turn, but alas, the fantasy football gods determined this shared kingdom unfit for two rulers and decided to have one do well and one fall off each week resulting in mixed results. So the former champion gets to salvage his title for one last, sweet week before the crown is fit unto anothers head.

That does it for the G6 crowd. Now for the second class citizens flying coach who have to pay to check that 2nd bag.

#5 Rooster vs. #6 RC
Call it.
TOD. 3:19pm on Dec 8th, 2010.

Levitity shows that the body has been dead for at least 24 hours, but the autopsy will tell us for sure. It looks like Carson Palmer faking the funk on some nasty junk is the COD.
All these recreated CSI & EMT scenes preface our prediction of annihilation and an abrupt end. A little Donnie Darko for you? Yipes. Maybe Donnie Brasco instead… gotta keep this lighter.
RC – 127 Rooster – 111
ACTUAL SCORE – RC – 125 Rooster – 116 – UNstoppable this week…

#7 Hot Tub vs. #8 BenBowski
ESPN calls this BIG, for Hot Tub.
We feel like its BIG, for BenBowski.
Flipping the coin….. still bouncing around….
Hot Tub – 119 Benbowski – 118
ACTUAL SCORE – Benbowski – 91 Hot Tub – 72 This game was a hot mess. ARod concussed and out. In total, all 4 QB’s in this matchup TOTALLED 6 points. A Hearty OY VEY!

#9 TEBOW vs. #10 Calvin & Da Munks
Battle of the bottom dwellers… This game is for the fans. The stadium should be packed.
I went on a couple of dates with a girl who said she was a psychic or something to that effect. She kind of lost me after that. But I called her up to predict this game and she said…
TEBOW – 103 D Munks – 102 Something about shakras and crystals and the moon in the 3rd stage of the coyote or something.
ACTUAL SCORE – D Munks – 122 TEBOW – 103 Got it wrong, but I was dialed in on scores this week!

Finished 3-2 this past week and that brings my total to 21-19 for the season. Looks like I just taught you how to Dougie.

The Championship Finale happens this weekend…
Read Between the Tynes (RBTT) 11-3 versus Team EV’s All-Stars (TEVAS) 10-4

We will preface this and all the other league matchups later this week, but we are psyched for the colossal battle royale that awaits. A new champion will be crowned and the inaugural tropy will be brought home, along with bragging rights for the year.

Let’s get it on! Now the juggernaut which is TEVAS or Ev’s team has won 8 games in a row and looks ready to pry that crown from Tynes cold hard grip!

• Please remember that if your not in the money playoffs then stay off the waiver until after Wednesdays pick ups.


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