Week 14 Fantasy Football Predictions, Angels & Demons & Playoff Sleepers

Headless Football Player

Headless Football Player

Week 14 Fantasy Football Predictions, Angels & Demons & Playoff Sleepers

ANGELS & DEMONS for Week 14

Drew Brees vs. STL Def – Must Start anyhow, but should deliver the goods this week.
Arian Foster – As long as he keeps bringing the wood, I am putting him on this list!
Eli Manning – Looks to rebound on a Minn Pass Def that gives up some pts & may have Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks back in limited fashion.
Peyton Manning – He may throw 3 INTs this game but we feel he drops 3 TD’s as well. Now if he could just stop Javarris James from snagging the goal line TD’s!
Philip Rivers – KC can give up some points to QB’s. We feel Rivers is going to have to throw his arm out of joint to keep the Chargers in this game.
Joe Flacco – Facing Houston Def and for some reason, Ray Rice doesn’t score many TD’s, so we hypothesize Joe throws Mo.
Mojo-Drew – Ought to go off One Mo’Gen.
Brandon Lloyd – Resurrected against Arizona – Isn’t Everyone?
Chris Johnson – Dare I say CJ…again? Look, it’s a tough call to sit him ever, but after the stinkers he has dropped on his owners and the unsteadiness of the Titans offense. Period. We think he gets a chance to run and catch his way to a good day against a porous INDY D.
Peyton Hillis – Against Buffalo. I’ll get the caution tape now.
Mike Vick – Facing Dallas. Did you see what a poorly playing Peyton did to them in the 4th qtr? If Vick is on his game, so are the points he brings for Kwanzaa.
Matt Ryan & Mike Turner & Roddy White all face Carolina – This should make you feel like you did after your 3rd helping of Thanksgiving Food. Remember. Pass the Gravy Please!
Aaron Rodgers…
LeSean McCoy…

Alright look, there are SOOOOO many juicy individual fantasy matchups this week, that if you were gonna start the guy, then keep on starting him. Including;
Vernon Davis…
Fred Jackson…
Ray Rice…

Moving On, Finally. Sigh.

Sam Bradford – Just a Hunch, but we think New Orleans is almost running on all cylinders and playing at Home.
D McNabb – He may just have to throw for over 300 yards to keep them in this game, but we have a feeling that the Skins’ score less TD’s then McNabb turns the ball over. We say 2 to 3.
Matt Schaub – Against Baltimore on Monday night after the Ravens lost to the Steelers. Whew Whee! Andre Johnson better have on his fast cleats because there won’t be any other WR’s to throw the ball to. Unless you are starting Jacoby Jones this week! Good luck with that!
Mark Sanchez – I want to say he rebounds nicely against Miami, but like Golfing with someone better then you or worse then you, you always seem to play up or down to their level. I feel this way about Sanchez going against Henne. They are both gonna suck. Good thing the Jets can run the ball.
Carson Palmer – Pittsburgh D. Enough Said. No late Fantasy garbage points to pad his stats this week. Just shots to the dome!
Jon Kitna – All signs point to Kitna having a solid day against Philly, but we feel he is going to let us down this game. Garrett has been good, and Tashard Choice is a nice surprise that they knew about all along, but Philly is amped up this week. I mean, its Jon Freaking Kitna.
Felix Jones – Down on this guy. Just don’t trust him.
Adrian Peterson – Look, I get it. His ankle is fine. The Giants are going to bring 8 in the box and force Favre/Jackson to throw and it isn’t going to be pretty. Black N’ Blue & Blood make Purple!
Ahmad Bradshaw – against Minnesota Run Def. No thanks. Plus half the carries are going to Jacobs.
Brandon Jackson – He may have lost his job last week. The job he has been sucking at anyways, you exclaim! Yes, that one.
Rob Bironas – Yes! A kicker finally made my list! He was the best kicker for a stretch, but as the Titans offense has withered and rotted away, so have his chances to kick for points.
Marshawn Lynch – Now his schedule makes the mirage seem so vivid, you can almost taste the delicious water and sweet palm figs, but alas, its Marshawn Lynch and other then playing the Carolina Kitties and having plays end on the 1 yard line, he won’t duplicate that performance.

demotivational posters

demotivational posters

The playoff Sleepers…

Guys who maybe you don’t trust or who have fallen off a bit, who we feel, should have a solid week.

Kevin Boss – Can’t run on the Vikes, but you can pass on them.
The Tampa Bay BucsLaGarrette Blount, Kellen Winslow, Mike Williams, DEF, etc. They face a Washington team that is reeling, festering and basically thrown in the towel on the season.
Steven Jax – After underwhelming for 3 of the past 5 games, he Whelms in this one. Oh he Whelms, alright!
Marcedes Lewis – Oakland Def doesn’t give up many yards to TE’s, but they do allow TD’s to the Big Slow Blockers.
Ryan Fitzpatrick – Just call him Stella. Playing Cleveland is how he’ll get his groove back.
Sidney Rice – Little tougher matchup with the NYG, but should be the man in Minnesota.
Javarris James – Really there isn’t anyone else and he seems to get 5-8 carries a week resulting in 1-2 TD’s. Its better then Brandon Jackson or Ahmad Bradshaw this week.
James Starks – So unsure about this guy right now, but if your dry as a bone at RB, and need a one week performance, either Starks or Chris Ivory or Tashard Choice may be available.


As for the impending first round of the playoffs.

We have a couple of rematches.
(10-3) Read between the Tynes vs. Cassel fit for a King (7-6)
They have faced each other twice already this season with the results;
Tynes – 131 Cassel – 92 = Week 4
Tynes – 159 Cassel – 86 = Week 13

History is most certainly on the side of Read Between the Tynes (RBTT) as they have dominated in the previous 2 matchups. Looking at both teams and their individual player matchups, it would seem that Cassel Fit for a King (CFFK) would have a slight advantage. Everything always looks good on paper. If the WR’s DO WORK for RBTT then its gonna be tough sledding for CFFK, although they will need big performances from their QB’s. They may just get it.
Tynes (RBTT) – 128 Cassel (CFFK) – 97. Ya Heard!

The other game consists of;
(9-4) Team EV’s All-Stars vs. (8-5) Manning & Rivers, Inc.
They have also played twice this season
EV – 127 M&R – 72 = Week 4
EV – 69 M&R – 50 = Week 10

Another situation of repeated abuse. The signs are all there. (M&R) flinches when (EV) raises her hand. M&R so stresses himself out and overwhelms himself trying to play the correct QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, etc…
One quick glance at the matchups screams disaster for…. M&R. Everyone in the league is concerned for M&R that a 3rd and severe beating may do irreverseable harm. Just make it quick EV.

EV – 133 M&R – 98. Boom-Shaka-Laka!

That does it for the G6 crowd. Now for the second class citizens flying coach who have to pay to check that 2nd bag.

#5 Rooster vs. #6 RC

Call it.

TOD. 3:19pm on Dec 8th, 2010.

Levitity shows that the body has been dead for at least 24 hours, but the autopsy will tell us for sure. It looks like Carson Palmer faking the funk on some nasty junk is the COD.
All these recreated CSI & EMT scenes preface our prediction of annihilation and an abrupt end. A little Donnie Darko for you? Yipes. Maybe Donnie Brasco instead… gotta keep this lighter.
RC – 127 Rooster – 111

#7 Hot Tub vs. #8 BenBowski
ESPN calls this BIG, for Hot Tub.
We feel like its BIG, for BenBowski.
Flipping the coin….. still bouncing around….
Hot Tub – 119 Benbowski – 118

#9 TEBOW vs. #10 Calvin & Da Munks
Battle of the bottom dwellers… This game is for the fans. The stadium should be packed.
I went on a couple of dates with a girl who said she was a psychic or something to that effect. She kind of lost me after that. But I called her up to predict this game and she said…
TEBOW – 103 D Munks – 102 Something about shakras and crystals and the moon in the 3rd stage of the coyote or something.

Please remember that if your not in the money playoffs then stay off the waiver until after Wednesdays pick ups.


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