Week 13 Fantasy Football Summary & Playoff Picture



Week 13 Fantasy Football Summary & Playoff Picture

What a season!

For some teams, it was good vibrations for the most part and others are in a deep, dark place. Still others are on such powerful streaks that keeping the momentum going, looks easy.

Congrats to our 4 playoff teams;

#1. Dre
#2. EV
#3. Zall3
#4. Zall2

Can we check the preseason predictions we made on the dry-erase board. I feel like someone had this foursome! Commish, get on this!

First a quick summary. I finished 2-3 on my picks, finishing the regular season an even 20-20. I’m not sure if that is impressive, underwhelming or simply the feeling you get when you purchase a scratch off lottery ticket, drive home, find your lucky coin, scratch furiously and win “a free ticket”. You mean, I have to drive back to the gas station to claim my prize of another lottery ticket and delay the inevitable losing ticket. Thanks!

As for peak performances or Angels & Demons… my predicted Angels included;


Arian Foster – I mean, for real. LEGIT.
Mike Vick – I still think this guy is a douche, but he can throw the rock.
Mike Turner – Brought the Funk
Matt Forte – Chicago finally has realized they have a RB. Almost got Martz’D!
Stephen Jax – Still Huge in Japan
Aaron Rodgers – $ in the bank
Jamaal Charles – Hard to believe there is another RB who snags 10-15 carries away from JC.
Sidney Rice – This guy was an all-star and Brett Favre still has a couple of healthy fingers on his left hand.


Chris Johnson – look I warned that Rusty Smith would have a negative effect, but the stink on this team is so bad, with Vince Young, Randy Moss waiting to collect his paycheck, a damaged Kerry Collins… Stay away. Oh, this advice comes too late. Whoops.
Dwayne Bowe – Zero.
Eli Manning – WTH is going on with the Manning Twins!?!
Matt Hasselbeck – Marshaaaaaaaaaawn Lynch!! Aaaaarrrrggghh. Talk about stealing the wind from Hasselbecks sails. 2 plays end on the 1 yard line, basically forcing Cherry Picker, Lynch to run the ball in.
Peyton Hillis – I have no answers here. Just underperformed.


Kyle Orton – Finally! We told you to stay away. Should get better for him, soon.
Fred Jackson – Minnesota has a good run d.
D McNabb – This whole team sux.
Joe Flacco – Against Pittsburgh D in cold weather. He shoots, he scores!

Andre Johnson – This guy just keeps getting up and destroying cornerbacks
LeGarrette Blount – He just kept his head down, mouth shut and started running.

As for the impending first round of the playoffs.
We have a couple of rematches.
(10-3) Read between the Tynes vs. Cassel fit for a King (7-6)
They have faced each other twice already this season with the results;
Tynes – 131 Cassel – 92 = Week 4
Tynes – 159 Cassel – 86 = Week 13

The other game consists of;
(9-4) Team EV’s All-Stars vs. (8-5) Manning & Rivers, Inc.
They have also played twice this season
EV – 127 M&R – 72
EV – 69 M&R – 50

We will include our picks on tomorrows Predictions & Angels/Demons write up.


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