The Suggestions for 2011 Holiday Tipping

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The New Rules for End-of-Year Tipping

Few rituals are more awkward than end-of-year tipping.

What about your regular postal worker or newspaper delivery service?

Or the property manager?

The list of potential recipients is probably longer than your holiday shopping list, but the decision about how much to spend can be much more stressful because there’s so much uncertainty over how much, and who, to tip.

Here’s a guide to making sure that you tip well but not wastefully–and that you still have a happy trainer, newspaper delivery person, and parking lot attendant in the new year.

Postal workers: Postal workers cannot receive any more than $20 in cash, which is an appropriate tip during the holidays, says Judith Bowman, founder of Protocol Consultants International. You can also give more personal gifts, such as baked goods or a gift certificate (under $20 in value, of course).

Property Managers/Concierges: Plan on leaving each manager or concierge at least $100 and if there is only one then give more. The more this person does should equate to the more you tip. If you ask this person(s) to do more from time to time, then reward them accordingly. This also depends on the size of your complex. If you live in a 300+ unit complex, then $30-$50 is respectable and appropriate. If your complex is less then that, then stick with the $50-$100 range, and finally if your complex is 50-units or less (especially Condo or OWNED Units versus Rented), then $100 minimum is the goal.

Cleaning service provider: Give the value of one visit. If you usually pay $100 per week, then give at least an extra $100 around the holidays. If this service is provided as part of a seasonal rental , then tipping is expected, especially around the holidays.

Maintenance / Handymen: This tip is in direct relation to the services provided. Is your complex, apartment building, condominium well maintained? If so, then give respect where its due. $20 or a nice gift certificate goes a long way.

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Often times, people don’t think twice about tipping poor service at a restaurant or at a coffee shop, but when it comes to going above and beyond as these other folks do all the time, then at a minimum, this one time is the time to show your gratitude with a monetary gift or tip. Trust us when we say, no one wants your fruitcake.

The key to most of these guidelines, of course, is the person receiving the tip. Are they cordial, upbeat, positive, courteous, prompt, respectful, diligent, etc. If so, then tip away!!!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Chanukah!
Merry Christmas!
A Festivus for the Rest of us!


One response to “The Suggestions for 2011 Holiday Tipping

  1. So far in my 30+ unit condo resort complex, I have received… $100 tip (Fantastic!), two $50 tips (Awesome!) & a tin of Biscotti (Lame – Will be re-gifting). As of 12/20/2011, that is the full extent of the tips. Hopefully, more will come.

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