Fantasy Football Week 11 Recap & Week 12 Angels & Demons Picks!

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Fantasy Football Week 11 Recap & Week 12 Angels & Demons Picks!

First & Foremost a solid week from quite a few players, some expected & others a nice surprise or disappointing disappointment? Double Negative = Super Positive…. Negative.

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I highlighted some Angels for week 11 including;
Drew Brees – 39 points
Peyton Manning – 37 points
Peyton Hillis – 21 pts
Aaron Rodgers – 39 pts
Mark Sanchez – 31 pts
Jon Kitna – 31 pts
Mojo Drew – 25 pts
Larry Fitzgerald – 17 pts

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As for my predicted Demons/ Stinkers
I warned Dustin Keller, that if he dropped a deuce or less, he would be on the waiver wire. Check the waiver. Bye.

Pierre, Pierre – 5 catches for 60+ yards. Ehhh. With Austin Collie & Dallas Clark out, Blair White catches 2 TD’s and Pierre leaves us wanting. I’ll call that a disappointing result.

Matt Schaub scored his 5th highest total of the season. Now that statement can be interpreted a few ways, but reality is this. This was his lowest double digit scoring amount of the season, and he has played in 10 games and his highest total is 36 pts. All in all, a subpar performance for a subpar season.

We were down on Adrian peterson and he scored 8 pts. SPOT ON!

We were down on Ahmad Bradshaw, but no one expected ZERO points. OY VEY.
2nd down segue – Brandon Jacobs, although if you actually started BJac, then you have other issues. = 3 pts.

Alright, while it was nice to enjoy the accolades, I must call myself out as well.
Some misses I called.

I was shaky on Big Ben and of course he is the high scorer of the week with 40 big ones!

My Angels that tossed their hypothetical halo’s into the stands with half of their jersey (we are looking at you Vince Young!)

Dez Bryant – 6 pts = FAIL especially with Kitna scoring 31 pts.
Kyle Orton – 7 pts = Miserable, especially playing San Diego. I guess that 5-5 Chargers records doesn’t really reflect their #2 Defense ranking!
LaGarrette Blount – 8 pts = So-so for this New Kid on The Block. It would have been nice to see him plow into the endzone instead of Cadillac Williams, but 8 pts is so-so.

As far as my Demons who DID WORK!
Michael Turner – 21 points
Cedric Benson – 20 points
LeSean McCan’t – 25 pts

Now that I’ve taken my lumps, this looks to be a promising week, albeit short and immediate with 3 Turducken Day Games and a mish mash of sunday games as well! So recapping last weeks predictions and actual scores and then delving into quick predictions for this weeks games, I will also briefly touch on some Angels and Demons for this week as well. Let’s do this!



ACTUAL SCORE – SF&SC – 148 Rooster – 99

CALVIN & DA MUNKS – 135 M&R, INC. – 121

ACTUAL SCORE – M&R, INC – 143 C&TC – 115



HOT TUB – 111 TEAM EV – 109

ACTUAL SCORE – EV – 142 CIGAHT – 133 – Why would I pick against EV??? 5 in a row!

TEAM RC – 126 BLEEDING – 106

ACTUAL SCORE – RC – 125 Towelie – 109


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This week has some interesting ANGELS & DEMONS but I’ll just pick a handful of Angels.

Frank Gore versus Arizona Defense on MOnday Night. Gore the Redeemer!

Chris Johnson at Houston Texans. YeeHaw!

Sidney Rice against Washington Redskins D! Gobble Gobble Goo, Gobble Gobble Spice Redskins D sucks so Big points for Sidney Rice!

The NYJ vs. The Bungles. Although we have a sneaking suspicion that the T.Ochocinco’s show up and play reasonably good futbol, but either Sanchez or LT does extremely well, with a leaning towards Sanchez, as he has the ability to utilize more weapons and touch the ball more.

Big Ben battling Buffalo. I won’t make the same mistake twice. Big Ben destroys Buffalo and then hits the town for Turkey Trot at the local pubs? Maybe? No.

Little Fat Man Mike Tolbert looks primed to run and catch his way to big points against Indy’s superflous D. BIG MONEY!!!

Ray Rice! If Ray Rice gets tackled in the Forrest and no one notices, did it actually happen? This week, we think he makes people notices as he racks up yards and TD’s! Sans Willis McGahee vulturing or ravening scores from him.

Eli Manning facing the Jagz Defense. Retribution is coming and it looks like teal and gold! Sorry Jacksonville.

Peyton Hillis against Carolina. Wow. Its a good thing Jamal Lewis set a high bar for the Browns rushing record, otherwise I could see Peyton challenging it this week. It’s gonna be bad. For Carolina.

I say, I say. I do Declare, Peyton Manning will prevail in the matchup of the top two QB’s. Phillip Rivers will perform, but Peyton will have another week of practice with Blair White and maybe another healthy RB or 2, and that’s all this Fantasy Football Points Zombie needs. Mmmmmmm… Delicious Brains!

Week 12 Predictions & Prognostications

3-2 last week for 15-15 overall. Ehhhh.

Manning & Rivers, inc. – 145 Rooster – 101

Cassel Fit for a King – 122 Calvin & Da Munks – 121 – If Dwayne Bowe starts, Calvins total points go to 123 and we have a winner!

So Fresh & So Clean – 149 Team RC – 148 I can’t believe I’m picking against RC again. Last time, they dropped 161 points on our pointy heads!

Throwing in the Towelie – 123 Can I get a Hot Tub – 99 If TITT gets a Defense he adds another 10 points to the totals!

Big Benbowski – 129 Team EV’s All-Stars – 111 This is the week that EV hits the wall in the sense that Bowski brings the Hammer. Not his crime fighting cohort The Hebrew Hammer, but the metophorical hammer that pounds a nail in the 5 game winning streak coffin. Harsh. I know.

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I am hopeful that John Madden guest hosts Thanksgiving football, but I am scared it will be Cris Collinsworth, and that is the one thing I hope to be thankful for. The rest of the stuff is easy. Family, Friends, Health, Arian Foster, etc…

Have a Happy Turducken Day! To my Jewish friends, enjoy the days off and join me in singing, “Turkey in the oven & buns in the toaster, ill never take down my Alyssa Milano poster….” ~ Sandler

Peace, I’m out.

~ Kelevra


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