Fantasy Football Week 10 Recap



Fantasy Football Week 10 Recap


These are some of the Fantasy Point Totals from Individual players this week. Now if you faced Mr. 62 or one of the 42’s you would certainly bet money that the owner of that players’ team would be victorious.

Let’s take a look.

62 = Loss
42 = Loss
42 = Win
35 = Win
34 = Win
31 = Loss

Half and Half. And the top three scores totaled 2 Losses & 1 Win. Other then that, some fanny’s got smacked and some Shellacks got Shellacked! Paulie and I had a spirited text fest while watching Vick go crazy on Monday Night. Paulie hoping for a Rooster comeback and me rooting for the Eagles D to save the win for Benbowski! Way to Go Defense with the game saving Pick Six!

From whence it came, Quarterbacks showed up this week to destroy your fantasy hopes and dreams. Geez. Whoa. Insanity!
In no particular order;
Kyle Orton, 296 yards, 4 TD’s
Tom Brady, 350 yards, 3 TD’s
Matt Cassel, 469 yards, 4TD’s
David Garrard, 342 yards, 2 TD’s
Jon Kitna, 327 yards, 3 TD’s
Matt Ryan, 316 yards, 3 TD’s
Ben Roethlisberger, 387 yards, 3 TD’s
… There are more, but you get the point. If you faced one of these guys last week, you may have lost your matchup.

Other crazy performances include;
Dwayne Bowe, 186 rec yds, 2 TD’s
Roddy White, 138 rec yds, 2 TD’s
Kieland Williams, 89 rush yds, 50 rec yds, 3 TD’s (earlier this season was cut and on the practice squad.)
Mike Wallace, 136 rec yds, 2 TD’s
Rob Gronkowski, 78 rec yds, 3 TD’s and he is a Tight End, the #2 TE on the Patriots!!!

So I digress.

A fun week, some upsets and predictable performances for sure.
As for my future predicting skills.

10-10 on the season so far. Bah!

Like tearing off a band-aid or facing down a bully, lets get this over with.

Hasselbeck Girl (7-2) vs. Team RC (3-6)
HG – 124 RC – 89

EV’s All-Stars (5-4) vs. M & R, Inc. (6-3)
EV – 118 M&R – 114

Stop the Bleeding (4-5) vs. Calvin & Da Munks
STB – 112 C&TC – 103

Scoring Early and Austin vs. Can I Get a Hot Tub?
SE&A – 123 CIGAHT – 88

The Big Benbowski vs. Team Rooster
ROOSTER – 96 BenBowski – 95

Actual Scores

RC – 160 HG – 128

EV – 127 M&R – 72

C&TC – 140 STB – 90

SE&A – 115 CIGAHT – 87

BenBowski – 140 Rooster – 129

2-3 again!!! Arrrrggghhhh! 12-13 on the season. I’m giving this predicting thing one more week, then I’m back to just tweaking my team for the playoff run.


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