Fantasy Football Week 8 Predictions & Prognostications



Fantasy Football Week 8 Predictions & Prognostications

So far in my weekly picks, I am 5-5, which as you math majors know is about half. If I was playing baseball, I’d be batting .500 and be the MVP! If I was a synchronized swimmer, I would be wearing a goofy floral pattern swim cap and a nose pincher. Period.

Some of the slyer more attentive clones in the league may have noticed one active trade party. Romo & Juliet made 2 trades! They received crippling news about their 2 headed QB juggernaut and simply reloaded and pulled off a trade to save their season. Well Done. It certainly appears on paper that Team Submission just moved into the drivers seat of the league with the #1 & #2 ranked QB’s headlining their roster! BOOM! I do see Paulie selling his soul to save his season and in turn creating a monster with Submission. But what’s done is done and we all wish we could have pulled that trade off!

Moving on. A fun little tidbit. Who do you think is the late round pick up of the season so far?
Remember 16 Rounds and 160 total picks.

1). Matt Forte – (106 pts) – Drafted in 16th round as pick #156
2). Ahmad Bradshaw – (93 pts) – Drafted in 15th round as pick #141
3). Hakeem Nicks – (113 pts) – Drafted in 14th round as pick #138
4). Kyle Orton – (146 pts) – Drafted in 13th round as pick #123
5). Arian Foster – (130 pts) – #85 in 9th round

On the flip side… worst draft picks so far… No injuries, just bad performances!
1). Larry Fitzgerald – (47 pts) #3 pick overall
2). Kevin Kolb – (64 pts) #11 pick overall (2nd Round)
3). Ronnie Brown – (39 pts) #23 pick overall (3rd Round)
4). Shonn Greene – (35 pts) #26 pick overall (3rd round)
5). Ray Rice – (76 pts) – #4 pick overall but keep in mind Adrian Peterson #6 pick has (122 pts) & Chris Johnson at #10 has (118 pts). Just saying!

constantine angel

constantine angel

The Hebrew Hammer (5-2) versus Calvin and the Chimpmunks (2-5). It’s crunch time for Calvin and the gang. A must win game against the league leader seems like a tall order, but stranger things have happened and that IS why we play the games. On paper the projected numbers look askew as Calvin is picked to win, but stranger things have…. you see where im going with this! So onto the predicted studs & duds. Studs – D-McNabb & Mendenhall will do well this week but keep your eye on Megatron as well. As for the Hammer, he starts Stafford, Foster, gore & Gates and all should do well. As for the disappointments, we can see let downs from the Patriots players and surprisingly, Matt Schaub. Whereas most think he has a big game, with a gimpy Andre Johnson and not much else WR wise, we think a running attack takes over and Schaub doesn’t have to do to much work. Anyhow, Hammer may get a let down from Jennings and Brees.
PREDICTION – Hammer -128 Calvin – 112

Romo & Juliet (4-3) versus Team Fla needs a win vs. Ga (4-3) Certainly a separation game if ever there was one. The winner stands resolute in knowing the future looks solid while the loser will be thrown right back into the battle at 4-4. This is a new flavor as the roster for R & J has changed dramatically over the past week. The QB’s aren’t nearly as intimidating with Eli (on a Bye) & Cassel as the starters although both are producing well as of late, we think another consistent showing is in order. We are confident Paulie adds another starter to the roster depending on the daily news coming out about health and starting assignments. Its most likely Troy Smith, Tavaris or Gradkowski, but we’ll see! Even with Cadillac starting in place of Turner the Burner, we think the 1-2 punch of Brady & Fitzpatrick brings home the bacon! This may be one of the last weeks to noogie R & J so get it in while you can!
Motor Boating – 109 R & J – 97

Stephen Kings IT

Stephen Kings IT

Team Submission (4-3) vs. Team RC (3-4) Well this matchup got scary, just in time for Halloween! The former 50% theory for Submission is out the window and now we think it will become the 75% theory meaning this teams points will come from 3 players. Fantasy Football Gods help us if other players on this team have good weeks, because we see scoring records being set by this new juggernaut. Then again, Karma can be a fickle mistress as well and when things seem to good to be true or the grass seems remarkably greener on the other side. To combat the powers of the newly created super team of Submission, RC jacked Kitna for $42 big ones breaking up the Bermuda triangle of QB’s off the waiver wire, doubling my bid which was done to exclude Paulie and his $19 FA budget! Muah!!! If C-Johnson, S-Jax & Reggie Wayne can deliver the goods, this team has a fighting chance. We are going out on a limb here, but in the end, we think as long as Rachel gets a kicker not on a bye and gets stable showings from the overall roster, they pull the upset.

RC – 112 Submission – 111

Team Rooster (4-3) vs. The Big BENbowski (3-4). I feel like I constantly pick against and under rate Rooster, so when looking at the roster and matchups this week, I took a more peace loving, neighbor hugging open minded approach. Based on a couple of roster moves, V Young & Pierre, etc… this team looks ready to pounce again. Onto the other side of the equation, BENbowksi has a roster full of underachieving and overachieving players… No one seems to be simply achieving, save for Big BEN, of course, and its only a matter of time before he starts Bar Crawling or hopping again…right?
For Rooster we like TJ against Buffalo and Andre on Monday night! For BENbowski we like Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss against his former mates in NE! IN all confidence, we like the starting QB’s of BENbowski more then we like the matchups of Rooster, but my word is my bond.

Rooster – 97 BENbowski – 96

Team EV’s All-Stars (3-4) vs. Malcolm in the Middle (3-4) Matchup of the Bottom Feeders! The Catfish of the league square off! Malcolm just paid a high price for a new shiny TE to replace JerMichael. LeSean McCoy, the Jason Vorhees of the league, is on a bye on Halloween weekend. If that isn’t a sign of the apocalypse, then we don’t know what else you need to see. On the flipside, there is so much doughy goodness on the Verdel side of things this week, with delicious matchups staring them in the face like a Zombie hungry for Brains! BRAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnSsssss…..
The only player that actually frightens me is Jason Campbell. He looked like Matt leinert two weeks ago throwing for 80 yards and 2 picks in an ugly loss then when his team scores 59 points in an actual NFL game last week he throws for 200+ yards and 2 TD’s…Really, that’s it? Underwhelming and scary to say the least, but he plays Confusing Seattle this week, so maybe he shows up and maybe he doesn’t. If he scores over 15 pts, EV’s wins big, if he scores 7-14 pts EV wins and gets to shout “Yippie Ki Yay MF!” if he scores 5.5 – 6.75 points the she wins and gets a free jar of creamy JIF peanut butter. If he scores -2 – 5 points we still think she wins by a little, but any more damage then that, and ZOIKS!

EV – 103 Malcolm – 82

Happy Halloween!

YOUR PSA brought to you by SRQ 2010. Be careful out there kids. Make sure to check your candy for razorblades and hypodermic needles and if someone gives you pennies or healthy granola snacks, its ok to leave a burning pile of dog crap in a brown paper bag. But in all seriousness, don’t leave it in a plastic bag, that bag burning can be bad for the environment.


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  3. I vote for Forte as the “Steal” of the draft and for Larry Fitzgerald as the “Bust” of the draft. If his name wasn’t Larry Fitzgerald, you would have dropped him already.

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