Fantasy Football Week 6 Recap

Ines Sainz  Jen Sterger

Ines Sainz Jen Sterger

Fantasy Football Week 6 Recap

“Your dad must have been a baker, because you’ve got great buns!”

Well, I won’t keep you from your Sarcastic and biting reprisal of this previous weeks Fantasy Football action. I was out of the state spending some quality time in Austin, Texas doing the Longhorn Ironman 70.3! What a cool experience! It really helped me to prepare my fantasy team to dominate. (Makes snap, crackle, pop sound) (Begin Segue now)

Onto the games and the recaps! Since I spent way too many hours on Sunday doing three sports, I will break the game recaps into 3 sections. The Good, bad & Ugly!

First, the UGLY!
Judge Smails Flying Wasps – 111 Team EV’s All-Stars – 64
The NFL has scheduled a meeting with the Flying Wasps to discuss allegations of PED use and violent hits on EV. Apparently their is an “I” in EV’s All-Stars, as only Joe Flacco scored double digit pts with an underwhelming 20. The entire rest of the team banded together in solidarity and underachieved monumentally. How many “s” are in Disasters?… Seriously. Its 3 “s”, which equals the total players that scored 5 points or less. OY VEY. The Flying Wasps had a solid showing from Drew Brees, Greg Jennings & Frank Gore. Status Quo for the 4-2 Wasps! They are enjoying a 3 game win streak and face a big matchup next week against 4-2 Submission. EV sits at 2-4 and each week is becoming a must win as the league looks to separate the oil from the water.

Romo & Juliet – 117 Team Rooster – 83
Well this looked like trouble from the beginning and true to form, fantasy became reality. Peyton & Romo, Peyton & Romo, Peyton & Romo. Rooster sits on the precarious edge of fantasy success and failure, but feels very bland. 3-3 and 4 QB’s that could be solid or could not play. Vick may be back for week 9, or Kolb might continue to channel Dan Marino. Vince Young might get injured, depressed and watch 40 year old Kerry Collins lead the Titans to victory. Tavaris Jackson is Tavaris Jackson. Carson Palmer looks every bit of his age, but he looks better then Brett Favre, Matt Schaub, Max Hall, Matt Moore, Matt leinert, Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith and Tim Couch.
R & J is 4-2 and sits tied atop the league. Their team looks strong like bull and should continue along smoothly…maybe 2 wins for every loss. Rooster could soon be fighting for their playoff lives as their roster seems shaky and uncertain, but they are a sure fire battle each week. Let’s hope their QB situation clears up.

Next, THE BAD!
The Big BENbowski – 100 Team Submission – 80
The math friendly matchup of the week. Team Submission falls apart as the 50% factor for this team rings true. Phillip Rivers is struggling. San Diego has the #1 offense & #1 Defense in the NFL and is 2-4. Malcolm floyd has a gimp hammy and A Gates tweaked his toeankle? Adrian Peterson is solid but dropped off and although some others gave decent performances (i.e.-Eli Manning & Braylon Edwards (17 & 10 pts), the dropoff was too much to overcome. BENbowski is a hard team to predict (2-4 on the season). Schitzo says it best. Hakeem Nicks = 0 this week & Randy Moss = 7 pts… Ronnie Brown and Joseph Addai are tough to count on as well, but with Big Ben at the helm, things are looking up fo sho. Team Submission looks in trouble (4-2, but shaky at best). I may have mentioned something about looking “Paper thin”. Keep your eyes on this team, as they may be primed for a tough few games.

The Good

Team RC – 108 Calvin and the Chipmunks – 89 (but extra points in the eyes of the Fantasy Karma Gods for great team names!)
Team RC looks scary good, even with only 1 good QB each week. 3-3 on the season in spite of Garrard, Henne, Kolb & Broken Shaun Hill. Chris Johnson ran 7 times for 66 yards and his only TD in the final 4 minutes of the a game that his team was winning by 16 points. I digress. The point is, that Team RC looks good… with players who had sucked, now looking like the players we thought they were… Reggie Wayne, Anquan, Steve Jax & Kolb. The future looks good as long as the QB situation remains stable.
Calvin & Hobbes on the other hand is solid but sketchy. Schaub from Zero to Hero and DNabb just the opposite. Ray Rice took the “S” off his chest this week and Big Ben starts taking some points away from Rashard. 2-4 seems like a good fit. We see a 1 win & 2 loss pattern for this team.

Best game of the week.
Team First Place owns its nickname this week…again… another squeaker. 99 Malcolm in the Middle – 93.
What is it with Long’s team… Every week they pick a player to represent in the team name, he gets the snot knocked out of em’ and ends up on the Injured Reserve! This game had 3-3 records written on both teams, and then LaQuisha McCoy and The Franchize happened, letting the air out of the win. 4-2 1st place looks just solid enough to keep on truckin and competing for league supremacy. The Concussed look scared and we all hold out breath as to whether LaQuinta starts next week. P.S. – Your bench looks solid. 2-4 for Malcolms Moon over my Hammys.

Have a great week!


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