Week 4 Recap – Fantasy Football



Week 4 Recap – Fantasy Football

SRQ 2010 – The aftermath of week 4 reveals much to us…

I think you will remember this helpful, uplifting, hope inspiring statistic from last weeks column;
RECORD after WEEK 3 and success percentage of making the playoffs
3-0: 75 percent
2-1: 51 percent
1-2: 27 percent
0-3: 9 percent

RECORD after WEEK 4 and success percentage of making the playoffs
4-0: 85 percent
3-1: 65 percent
2-2: 38 percent
1-3: 16 percent
0-4: 3 percent

Well upon the shellacking that our undefeateds took this week and the uprising from the winless, leaves our league straddling 3-1, 2-2 and 1-3… Its anybodys’ season…again… Things looked bleak for Team Carlos and Team Last Place, but alas, bye weeks and strong matchups resurrect both from a 3 % chance of making the playoffs to a 16 % chance, and that is enormous, to say the least. While the Zaller boys recover from their respective losses, one more impactful then the other, but both revealing, they both continue to look strong for the future with 65 % chances of success! The rest of us are muddled in the middle looking forward to next weeks matchups and hoping for 80 yards and 1 TD instead of 25 yards and turnovers!

Onto the week 4 recap. The forecast for the weekends games will come later this week.


In visiting my columns predictions from last week, you see that I correctly predicted some and still others not so much. Such is fantasy football, and if you saw LT supplanting Shonn Greene as the starter or David Garrard, Carson Palmer & Shaun Hill scoring more fantasy points then Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Schaub, and Phillip Rivers, then you are probably the best ever.

Moving on.
FORTE OUNCE – 129 over STACKED DECK – 116 — Correctomundo! True final Score 40oz – 131 Stacked Deck – 92
Bye weeks for Romo and Austin were nice, but huge days from Arian Foster (34 pts) and A Gates (30 pts) were just the spicy Jerky compliment to a nice charcoal brewed FORTE oz. As for Stacked Deck, they brought the wood with Peyton with (27 pts) and Ahmad (19 pts), but you may recall the moment when Ahmad was all alone running smoothly, not quickly, but a steady jog into the endzone and they he turned his gaze to the left and up a bit… to watch himself on the scoreboard… only to have a defender catch him, strip the ball and recover the fumble! Thank you Ahmad, from 40oz.

ROOSTER – 99 – CARLOS – 88 — AhhhSwingandahhhhMiss… True final Score CARLOS – 112 ROOSTER -76
Team Carlos jacked his little weenus as furiously as he could and alas, in spite of himself and bench superstars (T.O. – 42 pts, Patriots D – 39pts & Eddie Royal – 21pts) he defeats the listless Roosters, who we may have proclaimed just a smidge early as most awesome free agent pickup in Mike Vick. Owww, my rib cartilage is killing me…I am sure there is a dog fighting joke in there somewhere, but I don’t have the heart. Three players competed for an entire NFL 60 minutes and got you 1 point each, while another player scored 100% more points and C.J. Spiller earned you 2 pts. Uphill battle with those figures. As for Team Carlos, wow. From zero to hero… his roster looks like a bunch of all-stars this week… Guys such as Megatron (22 pts), & Of Mice and Mendenhall & Chaubbie (19pts each) came through earning Carlos its inaugral win and keeping THE Hangover at bay…for now.

We hypothesize BABY LIP LOCK – 113 1ST PLACE – 111.. Wow. Final score 77 for 1st place and 76 for Baby Lip Lockers. DEH-VAH-STAY-SHONN! How 1st place stole this game is repulsive. With each team having guys going in the monday night game, it was inevitable that this was gonna be close, but leading by a handful heading into the game, SPEEDY GONZALEZ looked good with Ronnie Brown and Randy Moss primed to be consistent enough to put up maybe 15-20 pts total, at worst. 1st place had the ever Beibered Brady going, but he usually plays less then versus the Fins, especially in Miami. Alas, Brady only got 9 pts, so of course the story must end with a victorious spanish mouse celebrating by shooting his guns into the air. Wait. For. It…. Ronnie Brown=4pts & Randy Moss=0 pts. Body Blow, Body Blow, Uppercut…Finish Him.

We are not going against our gut though. RC – 105 Rodgers – 96 — True Final Score RODGERS – 150 RC – 132
We apparently ate a lot of corn and products with O’Lean in them, because our gut was kind of wrong on this one. I say kind of, because Team RC scored 132 points which was the 2nd highest scoring total in all of the league, the problem of course, is they played the top scoring team. Fantasy Reality! Maddening! LT scored (29 pts) & the Chargers Def scored (27 pts) and the other bit players scored double digits and iced this matchup! We hold comment on LeSean McCoy (21 pts) as his performance was solid to say the least. Rodgers looks like a force heading into the SRQ 2010 future. RC had Shaun Hill (27 pts) & Reggie Wayne (25 pts) perform, but in the end, #1 pick Chris Johnson, again dropped a stinker with (4 pts) and ended the slim hopes of defeating the juggernaut this week.
Screw it, were going, Last Place – 98 Submission -93 — Thank goodness, we picked another game right. We’re looking at you Speedy! True actual score LAST PLACE – 69 SUBMISSION – 50. 50 points? If you will recall, I have been pointing out that each week over 50% of Submission points come from 2 players (Phillipe & AP) With AP on a bye this week, this loss was inevitable, but even we thought someone else would step up. Here are the starters actual FF pts scored in ascending order… 0,0,0,1,3,4,9,13 & 20pts from the other half of the 50% duo. I think this team is paper thin and may have trouble making the playoffs, but then I could be completely wrong. Remember, I at one point thought Brett Favre was going to be good. As for Last Place, they recovered nicely to get off the schneid and garner a 1 in the win column. With performances from Mojo (25pts) and everyone’s favorite drunk driver Braylon (14 pts) they were able to offset the concussed performance of Jay Cutler (NEGATIVE 12 points). Last Places team is in flux and while this win stopped the fantasy bleeding for a week, the next few weeks will define the season, fo sho. If nothing else, they have 3 extremely solid Tight Ends on the roster, so that must be nice.

Remember, the matchup forecasts will come later this week. Enjoy this past week if you won, or stew in your frustration if you lost.


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