This Draft & Week 1 recap is for the SRQ 2010 league I am in on ESPN.



This Draft & Week 1 recap is for the SRQ 2010 league I am in on ESPN.

This league consists of 10 teams in head to head weekly format. We had an Snake Style draft, so you know who the first picks were.. BUT Hold that thought!

Onto the draft recap… I will touch on 2 Impact Players for each squad and a quick mention if they have another. Maybe a sleeper comment or a a WWTT (“what were they thinking”) comment.

P.S. – Since each league in any Fantasy Football system can be customized, ours is standard scoring except TD’s for QB’s are worth 6 points and you have to start 2 QB‘s, so a good QB is worth a premium and WR’s get an additional 2 points for each 5 receptions ( A hybrid PPR) which is not reciprocated for RB’s. (Strokes chin and purrs, “Very Interesting”!)

Alright, Here goes nothing. Lots of nothing.

Team Zaller – (“respect for good draft and hosting it but no street cred for team name originality.”) Peyton manning and Tony Romo are the 2 qb’s here, which is nice. The feel good QB’s of this draft, they are both vanilla and drama free. On paper this team looks stacked! Miles Austin, Ahmad Bradshaw & Rookie Ryan Matthews. Vernon Davis & Brandon Marshall… I mean this team could be really good. Or. The wheels can fall off. Ahmad Bradshaw is 2 good hits from the DL, Miles Austin & Tony Romo can’t seem to remember how to play football or score TD’s. Rookie Ryan Matthews is a Rookie and without V-Jax teams can stack the box against the run. V-Davis and Brandon Marshall can both expect dramatically reduced output from previous season. In hindsight, this team will be competitive but struggle from time to time, ultimately, they will be around near the end with those QB‘s. 1-0 after a big win in week 1 and the future looks good.

Team KickASS – We always enjoy ribbing Long about his team, because he is like a guy who asked out his dream girl and planned everything to a tee, then proceeds through the evening with focus and grace until the big moment arrives and he explodes in his pants. With focused precision and forethought the 2nd pick in the draft was used on such stalwarts as A-Rod2 and Jamaal & Dallas Clark, which are all great picks and Welker and OchoCinco show great promise, but the 2nd QB spot looks bleak and unless Beanie heals up and resumes domination, the RB2 spot looks grim. I will continue to hate on LeSean McCoy until he proves me wrong. 0-1 after a solid performance against one of the leagues stronger teams. This team could give others fits.

Team JDClark – Another team brimming with creativity in the name… although points given for amusing picture! We are seriously concerned about the season long prospects of this team. Potential to destroy someone one week and then lay goose eggs the next. Kyle Orton and Ronnie Brown are 2 of the most underappreciated fantasy players in the game and will continue to produce solid numbers most weeks, but the remaining roster makes our skin crawl. Addai looks tired from all his injuries and the fact that Indy’s D is terrible thereby relegating Indy to playing catchup and ditching the running game. We don’t see Hakeem Nicks repeating his week 1 performance, not with Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, and numerous other pass catchers in NY. His playoff destiny falls on the shoulders of Matty Ryan. 0-1 after a close battle.

Team We Suck Again!!! – After week 1 it looks like TWSA should have let his wifey pick for him!
Seriously though, we like this team, with Raymond Rice and Mendenhall and Schaub, there will be many good days ahead for this team. The downside to this team is they can only start 2 WR’s, because with Megatron, Austin Collie, Eddie Royal & Santonio Holmes soon to be back, and I guess T.O., this team is solid with 5 WR’s to fill 2 spots. OY. No Comment on Donovan McNabb. 0-1 after a week 1 wake up call. Rest Easy, better days are ahead.

Cool with a Sunny Brees – And with the 5th pick in the draft, the Sunny Brees’s take… the league championship! BOOM! Ok, seriously, Drew Brees and the rest of this team are loaded… Jennings, Roddy, Gore, Gates, Forte, J-Stew A-Gates, whew… the only question marks are the QB2 spot and Def/Kicker and I think that Sunny Brees can live with that. 1-0 after week 1 and look to make it a 2-0 start. We thinks they do.

Team Submission – Great team name and has the metal to back it up by winning the league last year! Ok, enough with the puff piece, although Steve can refer to himself as the Champ for the remainder of the season. Sadly, this might be the best team around. Eli Manning is apparently going to throw 30+ td’s and Pierre Thomas & Mike Williams look solid. We are keeping our eyes on this team. 1-0 after a close victory.

Team Rooster – We always enjoy this team. Classic Rope-A-Dope strategy in the past, but this year its “Find the Queen” for QB roulette and with Jerome Harrison somehow finding himself in a timeshare with Peyton 2 Fumbles Hillis and Thomas I am really the backup to Jamaal Jones this team’s outlook is dwindling. Big Sexy for a TE and the ever solid Hines Ward helped with a week 1 win and for now Rooster finds itself 1-0. Wing and a prayer.

Team 1st PLACE – On paper, this team looks solid to good. Brady, Turner the Burner, DeAngelo & Witten should all be Fantasy Goodness, but alas, the dark witch that is the Fantasy Karma strikes again. Brady rocked, MT & DW sucked donkey balls. Oh and you have no second QB as you dropped TeBow right before he was about to go off… Basically, when your defense and your kicker are your #2 and #3 high scorers on your team, odds are you suck. 0-1 confirms this.

Team Domination – Oooooh. This team is in trouble… So much potential, but so much reality as well. Cutler and Wacco Flacco can score in bunches, but they can also throw interceptions like its their J-O-B. Mojo & Cedric both worry us as Mojo has 70-year old grandpa knees and Cedric Benson is on the Bengals. Percy is seeing double and Braylon is on your bench. We learned a few years ago, that Braylon greases hit mitts before a big game as he is sponsored by Buttermilk and ICBINB (I can’t believe its not butter) and he is contractually obligated to drop more passes then he catches. Lee Evans is Fantasy VooDoo and we won’t touch him. Ever. He is the equivalent of the Grim Reaper showing up on your roster, except even the under lord scores more then Evans. I have no idea why the Cowboys don’t use Felix Jones like a rented mule and ride him into Fantasy Goodness, but until that happens…. 0-1 and the beatings continue although we give this team an uptick.

Team RC – This team is hereby nicknamed “Paper Mache” or “Sand Castle” as the foundation for a long successful run is bleak, weak and not positive. CJ, Reggie Wayne are Fantasy GOLD and Steven Jax is solid as long as he can take the beatings coming his way and survive them injury free. The trifecta of Henne, Kolb and Garrard just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. The benchwarmers of Gresham and McFadden look promising and Maroney getting traded to Denver could payoff eventually, but not for now. Enjoy the win in week 1, because we think there may not be many more. 1-0


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