I “dislike” your ignorance. Facebook “Dislike button” scam

charlie the super dog!

charlie the super dog!

I “dislike” your ignorance. Facebook “Dislike button” scam gets hundreds of thousands.

If you blindly signed up for the “dislike button” then you got what you deserved. Maybe there ought to be a dislike button for the dislike button scam. sigh.

In what can only be described as, “are you effin kidding me?” or “am I garbanazo stupid?”

Story on Yahoo Buzz by Claudine Zap

There’s nothing to like about this Facebook feature: A fake dislike button you can supposedly add to your account. Instead, it’s an unwelcome virus spreading faster than you can update your status.
It looks harmless enough (well, aside from it being a tad mean-spirited): A message will appear on a Facebook member’s account: “I just got the Dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol!!” Or “Get the official DISLIKE button now.”

Click on the link and you will pay. The messages are not from friends at all, but automated spam using member accounts who have already been duped.

You’ll be taken to a fake Facebook application to download and a fake survey to fill out — that pays the scammers real money. Instead of spreading your dislike, you’ll be allowing the virus into your social network to continue spreading the virus.

Oddly, if you download the fake tool, you’ll be pointed to a real button apparently not connected to the scam that is a Firefox Browser add-on called FaceMod. Still, the tech blog Sophos is advising to stay away anyway.

Aside from tricking users into taking a survey — and helping to spread spam to your friends’ Facebook accounts, there doesn’t seem to be much more going on beyond that.

But with Facebook attracting more than 500 million users, it has become a magnet for all sorts of tricksters, hucksters, and false friends. Now that’s a lot to dislike.


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