Phillies fans get tased, Baltimore O’s fans get recess!

Security shrugs as O’s mope runs laps around Camden Yards
By ‘Duk

It appears as if the security just realizes that they aren’t going to catch this guy, and to let him do as he pleases. I do thoroughly enjoy the bump he receives from the usher. That Usher ought to get a pay raise.

The security in Baltimore apparently has a view on crowd enforcement that’s just a bit different than their Taser-happy friends up in Philadelphia. Watch as some Orioles fan runs around the field at Camden Yards on a wild Thursday night and the Baltimore police don’t even display a passing interest in detaining or stopping him.

Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m not sure if the cops just thought the kid would pass out by himself in the muggy harbor heat or if Thursdays at OPACY have been tabbed as a Hamsterdam of sorts for field trespassers, but that youngster had to set some sort of record for most time spent on the field without being tackled or even touched.

My favorite comment directed to this post… “I wouldn’t be to excited about restarting an Orioles game either!”


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