Thanks for the donations, concerts, and Wyclef, but Haiti is still a forlorn wasteland of corruption and apathy

haiti Wyclef Bubba

haiti Wyclef Bubba

While listening to Bubba the Love Sponge this morning, I heard him mention a story about Haiti. And he is absolutely correct! His previous tweet saying “F*ck Haiti”, struck many people the wrong way, but he was one of the only voices sounding off against blind support of Haiti.

In essence he was saying, we are enabling Haitians and their government, people, politicians to keep being corrupt, destitute, apathetic and we will continue to support them. And to no one’s surprise who railed against the immense donations from our country and others to Haiti ($1.2 Billion at this point), the funds have been mismanaged and corruption and greed are rampant! Whaaaaaa? No way! Shut up! Really?

Let’s just forego arguing about Gulf Oil Spill, flooding, or the other temporary problems that afflict our country and citizens on a daily basis, and why we aren’t using our funds toward those causes, instead of a charity like, Yele. WTF? I am so nauseated everytime I even here Wyclef’s name, that for the remainder of this article, instead of calling him WyClef, I am going to call him Van Der Sloot.

$1.2B in donations, yet Haiti in ruins
By Scott Hiaasen and Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Last week, the United Nations pleaded for hundreds of millions of dollars in additional donations to pay for food, medicine and other urgent needs still unmet since the Jan. 12 earthquake tore open Haiti’s capital.

But while the United Nations scrambles for more humanitarian relief, international aid groups are holding on to at least $500 million — money the aid groups say should go to reconstruction, not relief.

When reconstruction will begin, no one can say.

Six months after the earthquake, Haiti’s government, foreign donors and aid groups are struggling to map out a plan to rebuild this country while still providing life-sustaining aid to the 1.5 million or more Haitians left homeless and hungry by the massive temblor.

At the same time, donor nations have been slow to provide $5.3 billion in promised long-term aid to Haiti over the next 18 months — further delaying plans to remove rubble and find more stable housing for the displaced, crucial steps for any recovery.

The result is that Port-au-Prince today looks not much different than it did in the first weeks after the earthquake: a city piled with debris and pocked with sprawling tent cities sustained by a network of humanitarian aid groups, but with little physical evidence of durable progress.

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