For now, LeBron, the Prince of South Beach, is still the King of Nothing.



He may wear the annointed crown, but he sits, in his checkered purple and white shirt, ringless.

That situation may change in less then a year as the Miami Heat looked poised to challenge the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers for the title.

The other contenders are either a year older or a player removed from seriously challenging, at this point, on paper.

Boston Celtics… The same argument of age and being too old applies this upcoming season as well.

Orlando Magic.. After losing Hedo Turtle-glue, they just seem to be missing something… Maybe its Rashard Lewis sucking more then a black hole… actually, I think I just gave Rashard his new nickname! Kobe is the “Black Mamba” and Rashard is the “Black Hole”.

Phoenix… No Amare = No Chance

Dallas… Hey look its Dirk Nowitzki and a first round playoff loss!

Denver… Carmelo has NY on the brain… Denver goes, at best, 2nd round

Utah… Blah

San Antonio… Age and injuries are getting the best of this TEAM.

Atlanta… Haha… Joe Johnson robbed this team for all they are worth… $120 million for Joe Johnson… and for David Blaine’s next act he will put Atlanta in a block of ice and they will remain there until Mike Bibby and ZaZa move on or shoot better then 30%.

Chicago… Derrick Rose & Carlos Boozer will put them into the playoffs and they will put up a good fight, but we don’t see them going to the finals.

Milwaukee… A strong TEAM, but not finals worthy.

Charlotte… Snoozefest, unless Jordan laces em up… nevermind.

Portland… We actually like Portland this season…maybe the dark horse that loses to the lakers.

Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers… Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, fisher/Blake, etc… If Bynum is healthy, then Lakers are just too big inside for the Heat, but If the load falls on Gasol and Odom, then certainly there is a chance that the Heat can score enough to win the series. Ultimately, the strength of having 3 great scorers like LBJ, Wade and Bosh is the speed and agility with which they attack, score, counterattack on fast breaks. The con is, the speed of play on the playoffs sloooooows down tremendously and the game becomes a defensive battle to the fullest! This is where we see a roster of 3 stars and some random characters falling short. Defensively.

We see the Lakers 3-peating.

But maybe the Heat will sign Carmelo as well.


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