Why the Octopus can predict the future!

There is an Octopus named Paul who lives in Western Germany and he hates your country. If your country is Argentina or Germany anyways!

In another sign that the apocalypse is upon us, folks in Oberhausen have giddily relied upon the prognosticating prowess of an Octopus named Paul. Seriously, the eight legged slime encrusted leviathon cascades down some manmade plastic device which has two countries located at the bottom… one country on each side… and apparently whatever side the gratitous arms suction themselves to, is declared the winner…

No research, no statistics, no home field advantage… none of that logic to cloud the issue… just pure ridiculous inkage!

Anyhow, the Octopus is now 2 for 2, having picked Germany to maul the Argentinians and also correctly choosing the Papercut Spainards to defeat the overwhelmed Germans. Now Paul has not yet forecasted his all seeing powers on the World Cup Final between the feisty Netherlands (aka – the crafty dutch) and the Spainards (aka – Do these guys have 24 men on the field).

We foresee a 2-1 win for…. drum roll…… Sushi aside…. Scroll down…

Spain – 2

Holland -1

P.S. – Jamarcus Russell and Lindsay Lohan say wazzzzzzup!


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