I cannot do a Triathlon, because….

Sean Dreznin - finish line  - Morton Mease Triathlon

Sean Dreznin - finish line - Morton Mease Triathlon

5 ‘I Can’t Do a Triathlon Because…’ Myths Busted.

I saw this headline, and immediately thought about myself and the first instance I had about doing a triathlon. It was very similar in that my stubborness and proficiency in excuses knew no bounds. If it had not been for the persistence of a good friend, I wouldn’t be sitting here today, loving every mile I jog, bike and swim….every finish line I cross…. every blister, black toenail and sunburn I get while training…

So if this sounds like you, then enjoy, and get your shoes on.

By Andrew Kalley
Sports Center at Chelsea Piers

Most triathletes start as an avid participant in one of the three sports: running, biking or swimming. Maybe they decide the pounding on their joints is too much and so they expand their fitness beyond running. Or after cross-training on the bike, they realize they like to ride. Or perhaps they don’t want to leave the pool after using it to recover from an injury.

But the transition from training in multiple sports to becoming a multisport athlete can be difficult for some people.

Andrew Kalley, USA Triathlon Level 2 coach and accomplished triathlete has seen and heard many myths or excuses about why someone can’t do a triathlon, and he’s trained dozens of people through these barriers.

I Can’t Swim

Anyone can learn to swim and most triathlon coaches can actually teach you the basic fundamentals of swimming in a few private lessons.

I Can’t Afford a Good Racing Bike

If you are just interested in the challenge of completing a triathlon, you can technically ride any bike in the race. Clearly, some bikes will make it significantly easier. There are many opportunities to purchase a good used racing bike.

I Don’t Have Time to Train

Triathlons come in all lengths—some sprint races are as short as an hour. If you are worried about the time commitment, then start with a shorter race—no need to make your first race a 10-hour Ironman!

A Triathlon Is Too Confusing

Triathlons may seem confusing—three sports, lots of equipment, where to train, how to train, what to bring—but know that you aren’t in it alone. Triathletes love sharing information and helping newbies into the sport.

I Can’t Complete an Entire Triathlon

Many people hear “triathlon” and think of the Ironman, wrongly assuming they could never do a triathlon—that they simply don’t have the stamina and never will.

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