Oil Coated Pelicans and Beaches look to Mid-August for BP relief wells to be operational

BP, MMS, Haliburton, Transocean, Government Failure

BP, MMS, Haliburton, Transocean, Government Failure

Just another hollow promise, stalling a complete shut down of the Deepwater Horizon, until the relief wells can be completed thereby keeping the flow of oil into our Gulf spewing like rhetoric from Glenn Becks orafice or the incessant buzzing from the World Cup Vuvuzelas! Keep in mind, when the relief wells are operational, BP can continue to collect oil and more importantly, immense profits. We need to make sure they are diligent in funds and efforts to clean the Gulf, as this is a detrimental blow that just keeps coming.

By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press Writer Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press Writer

NEW ORLEANS – Tests show BP is on target for mid-August completion of a relief well in the Gulf of Mexico, the best hope of stopping the oil that’s been gushing since April, the company said Friday.

The crew drilling the first of two wells ran a procedure this week to confirm it is on the correct path, spokesman Bill Salvin said.

“The layman’s translation is, ‘We are where we thought we were,'” he said.

Several such tests are needed to determine the relief well’s location relative to the well that blew out April 20 when the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded. Once the new well intersects the blown-out one, BP plans to pump heavy drilling mud in to stop the oil flow and plug it with cement.

Salvin said the relief well should be done by mid-August, but that didn’t seem to help the company’s stock price, which plunged following the company’s announcement that the price tag for the response has risen to $2.35 billion.

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