Un-edited version of Stewart-Cramer a bit more favorable to Cramer

I watched the original 3 part Cramer v. Stewart on The Daily Show when it aired and I rewatched it on Comedy Central’s site thereafter.

There are some stark contrasts between the edited and unedited versions and I imagine Mr. Cramer would be wise to make sure the unedited version is brought to the attention of the public as well.

Oh well, I applaud him for embracing the opportunity to meet and discuss the topic of the public concern with Mr. Stewart, but I wish I had seen the unedited version and not been fed the TV version which while good and entertaining to say the least, was a bit slanted.

I came across this video via twitter from @jcg1483. The original blog was written by Nick Ragone who is an author, attorney and public relations executive in New York City. .

Watch the video and you decide what you think. Is this version more evenly matched then the one that aired. I believe it is, quite dramatically!


TV version of video that aired (edited)

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