How NOT to make an offer

I just received this offer via email this morning…

“all cash deal 2.2m dollars ?”

How many issues exist with this offer… Let me count the ways…

epic fail
<img src="epicbikefail” alt=”” />

#1. All Cash Deal – In essence, does this not mean, I will go to the bank and get financing and your Seller will get paid off with a check or is the Buyer trying to indicate, they will show up to closing with a steel briefcase loaded with $2.2 Million dollars…

#2. Who are you… Other then some random indistinguishable address like, does the cloak of invisibility help you or hurt you? Is this investor hesitant to disclose their identity or are they a celebrity (Jennifer Aniston…please!) or are they simply blind to the fact that a random email offer holds very little credibility in anyone’s eyes…

#3. The asking price is $3.55 Million and your offerring just less then 2/3 of that price… maybe that helps to answer question #2. My thinking on this is simply, if you are going to try and rob a gas station, you should probably wear a mask, and this offer will certainly work to insult the owner and make my job a little more difficult. The only silver lining here, is maybe this low ball offer will work to free up some flexibility for future qualified, earnest buyers. Time will tell.

#4. Where does this go from here? Does this unnamed phantom really expect a counteroffer? Is this a joke from a fraternity brother? What if $2.2 mill will actually get it done… Is this investor from around here? Do they own anything else? Are they qualified? Its kind of inefficient for me and the seller whereas it is a simple click for the investor…

Now, while I am thankful for the offer, my pessimistic nature says this is a waste of time… What do you think?


3 responses to “How NOT to make an offer

  1. Sean,
    Isn’t it interesting how easily it is to say no to some things?

    It is hard to believe that someone would have sent an email like this. They must have just bought a “No Money Down” series and were using your property as an experiment.

    Thanks for linking to my post.

    – Peter

  2. Peter,
    It is interesting to say the least!

  3. Colleen McConnell

    I think you’re probably right that it’s a waste of time. Too many issues with the so-called offer.

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