Here’s why renters in America feel trapped

Here’s why renters in America feel trapped

Contact Sean Dreznin for all your Commercial Real Estate needs.

Contact Sean Dreznin for all your Commercial Real Estate needs.

By Mandi Woodruff via Yahoo Finance

Things aren’t looking great for aspiring homeowners in the U.S.

In a recent report by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, researchers offer a sobering peek into the homes of renters. Nearly one-quarter of renters in a survey of 25,509 renters and homeowners combined say meeting their monthly financial commitments is “very difficult,” and more than half say they wouldn’t be able to come up with $2,000 to cover an emergency expense.

Homeowners, by comparison, feel much more stable. Half as many homeowners as renters say they find meeting their monthly bills “very difficult” and nearly half say they have no trouble meeting their monthly expenses, according to the report.

Because the cost of renting and buying varies so widely across the U.S., you have to take reports like these with a healthy dose of salt. In some metro areas, like San Antonio and Phoenix, it’s actually much cheaper to buy a home than rent.

But the reality is that the cost of renting across the country is on the rise, straining the budgets of many renters. In the largest 25 metro areas in the U.S., rents increased by 5.5% in 2013, eating up more than 40% of the average renter’s household income, according to Trulia. Most financial experts recommend spending less than one-third of income on housing.

“Once [rent] is over 30%, that’s when you start getting into the danger zone financially,” says Helen Stephens, a certified financial planner in Dallas. “And the problem when you’re renting is that you may be in a lease for a year, and at the end of that year your landlord has the right to raise the rent on you.”

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Understanding deflation and why it is so scary

Understanding deflation and why it is so scary


By Rick Newman via Yahoo Finance

If the price of a car or an iPhone drops, that’s usually good news for consumers. So it might be puzzling that investors and economists suddenly seem freaked out about the possibility of deflation, or a sustained drop in the level of all prices, on average.

Deflation was a concern back in 2010 and it’s a fresh worry now as oil prices plunge, the stock market wavers and consumers put spending plans on hold.

The paradox of deflation is that falling prices on a few items can generally be good for consumers, leaving more money in their pockets for other things. But falling prices on too many things can have ruinous effects on the economy that are hard to reverse. Japan suffered nearly two decades of deflation starting in the early 1990s, and deflation helped prolong the Great Depression in the 1930s.

When all prices fall, consumers have a strong incentive to put off purchases — after all, everything will probably be cheaper tomorrow. Some purchases are hard to delay—food, medical care, gasoline to get to work. But a lot of the things we buy can wait, which is why sales of cars, clothing, and appliances drop sharply when times get tough.

In an economy like ours — in which consumer spending accounts for about 70% of total GDP — a powerful incentive to postpone purchases can be disastrous. When spending drops, so does corporate revenue, raising pressure to cut costs, which leads to layoffs and other personnel cutbacks. Companies are likely to freeze salaries or even cut pay for those workers remaining. Dwindling income makes consumers even more leery about spending money, worsening the whole cycle.

More expensive debt

The other mechanism for deflationary ruin is debt. One big reason lending helps the economy grow is inflation—most loans become easier to pay back over time, because the principal doesn’t grow but income used to pay it down does. We typically think of inflation as a rise in prices, but it’s usually accompanied by an increase in workers’ wages as well, and as long as wage increases exceed price hikes, ordinary people get ahead. Home buyers, for instance, often “grow into” a mortgage that might seem onerous at first, because their income climbs as they progress through their careers. The mortgage payments on a fixed-rate loan, by contrast, remain constant. So in a typical economic environment, you gradually earn more income to make the same payment every month.

Deflation creates the opposite phenomenon: Debt gets more expensive over time, because consumer spending power declines. When prices and corporate revenue fall for a sustained period of time, wages inevitably go down, too. That makes fixed-rate debt more expensive, because you have less money instead of more to make the same regular payments. The mismatch affects companies and even governments the same way it does consumers, causing cash-flow shortages, liquidity problems and bankruptcy. Each of these ugly outcomes reinforces the others, making a deflationary spiral very hard to pull out of.

On top of that, deflation makes people wary of taking out debt in the first place. Too much debt is a problem in itself, but prudent lending is an essential element of capitalism. Without it, investment shrivels and wealth is more likely to disappear than accrue.

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Mayor Willie Shaw and City Manager Tom Barwin will congratulate the Sarasota business community for being recognized by Google as Florida’s 2014 eCity “Digital Capital of America” with a brief ceremony Friday, October 17 at 10 a.m. at The HuB, 1680 Fruitville Road, third floor.

This award acknowledges Sarasota as having the strongest combined e-commerce, social media and web presence within the state of Florida. “Being recognized by Google as Florida’s 2014 eCity means we have the most robust e-business community in the State as determined by Google and research,” said City Manager Tom Barwin. “What a great foundation to build upon. With three universities, a vibrant downtown business center and digital business incubators, a San Francisco-like spirit of innovation and creativity is clearly in this community’s business, academic and social DNA.

“Google algorithms have proven what many of us have suspected. Sarasota is open for digital, high tech oriented folks who enjoy cultural amenities and the world’s greatest sunsets,” said Mr. Barwin. Sarasota was determined to have the top online business presence in Florida, connecting with customers and stimulating the digital economy, based on several criteria considered by Google:  Number of businesses advertising online  Ability for customers to make a purchase from a webpage  Mobile friendly websites  Social media presence –

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Some Stats to chew on…

Some Stats to chew on…


* The highest scoring team through 5 games is Team Vetri (4-1) with 668 points an avg of 133.6 per game
* The lowest scoring team through 5 games is Team Clark (2-3) with 466 points an avg of 93.2 per game
* The highest scored against is, yours truly, Hanging on for Life (1-4) with 701 points an avg of 140.2/game
* The lowest scored against is Team Ginexi (4-1) with 498 points an avg of 99.6/per game scored against.
* The highest individual performance was Demaryius Thomas last week with 49 points.
* The potential biggest surprises for draft pick over performing include, Steve Smith, Le’Veon Bell, Darren
Sproles and Antonio Brown.
* Some potential busts (not including injured) include Adrian Peterson, Keenan Allen, LeSean McCoy, Detroit
RB’s, Marques Colston, Cordarelle Patterson, Tom Brady & Cam Newtown.

This just underlines the point, that each week is truly a toss up and based on one players results, that alone can sway the outcome…

I write this from a position of bias. My team is solid. The second highest scoring team in the league with 634 point scored or 126.8 per game. A per game avg good enough to win 2 or 3 games with ease… but when you face Julio Jones and Matt Ryan as they team up to score 56 points on the hapless Bucs… it sways the fantasy outcome.

Or let’s say Mr. Thomas (49) scores 2 TD’s, totals over 200 yards receiving and catches 10 passes while Russell Wilson (35) runs for over 100 yards with 3 TD’s… those two players alone accounted for (84) fantasy points. That is tough to overcome, even if you have a couple players perform well.

That’s fantasy football though and its fickle. This week, someone will face off against the team that owns Drew Brees while he’s on a Bye week or A.J. Green with his busted toe or Adrian Peterson and his crimes and this may give them an opportunity to notch a win. These are the expected turns and the unexpected ricochets that fantasy football brings.

I'm a Peacock, You GOTTA LET ME FLY!!

I’m a Peacock, You GOTTA LET ME FLY!!

It’s difficult to lose some of these weeks, when going in I was certain I was coming away with a win… Brutal in a couple cases (Looking at you Mr. Rissler)

But that is fantasy football. My resolve to win is strengthened as I empty my free agent budget to hopefully finance a win or two while completely mortgaging my future away if something cataclysmic should occur… (Like losing Jimmy Graham for the season – That was a close one!)
You may make a trade that fills a perceived flaw, or stand pat as you steamroll your way to the playoffs.

This week is make or break for a few teams including, The Commish, Mrs. Commish and DRE and Dumber.

Also a clash of the titans is upon us as two 4-1 teams face off. Good luck to both Ginexi & Rissler.

So, I toast the fantasy gods and beg for mercy heading into week 6 and ask the simple question…

“Are you not entertained?!!”

** On a side note…
Let’s see a little more trash talk and some shenanigans.

Controlled chaos – With New UTC mall opening soon, the potential traffic in the area can only be described as SNARLED

Controlled chaos – With New UTC mall opening soon, the potential traffic in the area can only be described as SNARLED

by: Pam Eubanks via The Observer



When Todd Mathes drove to work one day last week, there were three traffic-stoppers: a broken-down car on northbound Interstate 75 near University Parkway; an accident at Honore Avenue and University; and another accident at I-75 near Fruitville Road.

Mathes, director of development for Benderson Development, co-developer of The Mall at University Town Center, knows more traffic mayhem is coming as he, local officials and partners at mall co-developer Taubman Centers prepare for an estimated 100,000 shoppers on the mall’s opening day, Oct. 16.
Mathes pushes a 40-page transportation plan across the table; it’s battle-ready, although it could still be fine-tuned over the next week.

“It’s controlled chaos,” Mathes said. “The busiest time in the mall’s life is its grand opening.”
The plan in place — should drivers heed suggestions — should facilitate a best-case scenario for moving traffic to and from the mall’s 4,100 parking spaces on opening day and the three days thereafter.
Sarasota and Manatee County transportation officials, the Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Department of Transportation and local sheriff’s offices have jointly worked on the plan since their kickoff meeting this summer.
“I think it’s going to work great,” Mathes says of the plan. “The big question is how much traffic is diverted like we hope? I think we have a good plan to respond.”

Mathes says whether drivers take suggested alternative routes to the mall will have a significant impact on traffic along University Parkway and I-75, in particular.

Officials hope to direct northbound mall-bound vehicles from Fruitville Road to Cattlemen Road and from University Parkway to Honore Avenue and then Desoto Road, rather than drivers taking I-75 to the University Parkway exit.

Own this piece of property right by the new UTC mall and watch as traffic BOOMS! Suggested routes are listed on the mall’s website and also will be advertised in local newspapers. Signs strategically placed on nearby roadways in both Sarasota and Manatee counties also will suggest alternative routes.

“It’s educating the driver in advance of the mall opening and signage to remind them to take alternative routes,” Mathes said. “Our struggle is to get people to use those alternatives. People are creatures of habit.”

Sarasota County will spearhead efforts to educate the public on alternative route options, temporary vehicle and pedestrian restrictions and other pertinent information.

Mathes said Benderson and Taubman have invested close to $500,000 to help ensure traffic flows as smoothly as possible during the mall’s opening weekend. The cost includes the hiring of a traffic engineering consultant, off-duty law enforcement to direct traffic, security personnel, barricades and signage and the construction of a temporary 1,000-vehicle overflow parking lot, primarily intended for mall employees.

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2014 Link to Sarasota Sharks Siesta Key Triathlon Results

2014 Link to Sarasota Sharks Siesta Key Triathlon Results

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The trouble with y’all moving to Texas

Y’all Come on Down to Texas!

Moore: The trouble with y’all moving to Texas

Franchisees bring Endurance House, A Triathlon Store, to Bradenton

Franchisees bring Endurance House, A Triathlon Store, to Bradenton


BRADENTON — A father and son who share a love of racing Ironman triathlons are turning their passion for the sport into a business unique to the Manatee-Sarasota area.

In early January, Dan and Jerry Johnson will open the first Florida franchise location of Endurance House, a triathlon equipment retail chain that got its start in 2007 in Middleton, Wis. Riding the popularity of a sport that is booming on the Gulf Coast, the local Endurance House is designed to be a place that attracts both seasoned triathletes and novices who are learning to combine swimming, bicycling and running into a single competitive discipline.

The Johnsons, including Jerry Johnson’s wife, Amy, are opening their store just as Nathan Benderson Park at University Town Center ramps up its profile as a triathlon and endurance sport venue. Endurance House will be centrally located for the area’s triathletes and competitors. The store is scheduled to take up more than half of a new, 7,500-square foot retail building completed this summer at the Lockwood Commons shopping center at the corner of Lockwood Ridge Road and State Road 70.

Fantasy Football SRQ League Weekly Breakdown

I must start with a preface that with my schedule these days, it may be difficult to keep up any consistent writing.

Props to Justin Clark for motivating me to write something for this week.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”

Inigo Montoya vs. Team Rissler

Phillip Rivers against Colin Kapernick

Dez Bryant versus Jordy Nelson

This is gonna be a good time!  A party of the ages!

Prediction – Inigo Montoya gets revenge for his father!!


Team Vetri faces off against Team Commish

On paper this is practically dead even.  Andrew Luck against Matt Ryan…  Julio Jones could go off again, but so could Reggie Wayne…

Tough call…

Prediction – Vetri takes it by a nose


Darren to be Bad versus Team Clark

Another toss up.

Darren to be Bad — “Has he been tested?”

Team Clark — “How do feel about the Dolphins?”

Prediction – Darren to be Bad goes Fossey, Fossey, Fossey, Madonna, Madonna, Madonna and pulls out a win.


Beats by Ray against Back that Pass Up

This appears to be a no-brainer.

Prediction – Back that Pass up wins big and enjoys a smooth Chatterton’s afterwards!


Flip McGillicuddy vs. Team Ginexi

In my opinion, this entire contest comes down to the Mysteriousness-tation of Jamaal/Knile Gate.  Who plays, who scores, who starts.

Prediction – Team Ginexi shakes it for a close win over the underdog McGillicuddy.  Anybody’s call.  Both have quality dance moves.


Team Zaller vs. Team Clark

Lot’s of fun and games until reality sets in.

Like Matt Stafford, dislike Tony Romo

Prediction – Team Clark easily wins out.


Good luck this week.

10-unit Apartment Building SOLD in Sarasota, FL by NAI Tampa Bay’s Senior Director Sean Dreznin

10-unit Apartment Building SOLD in Sarasota, FL by NAI Tampa Bay's Senior Director Sean Dreznin.